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Can anyone survive without compromising in life?

  1. crusador profile image87
    crusadorposted 3 years ago

    Can anyone survive without compromising in life?

    One has to make compromises in the life while dealing with a friend, relative, employer etc. Is there anyone in this world who may claim to have survived without compromising.

  2. dashingscorpio profile image87
    dashingscorpioposted 3 years ago

    No. In order to survive without making compromises would mean you got everything and everyone you wanted when you wanted.
    Each life contains highs and lows. The sooner we learn that in order to get whatever we want there has to be "something" in it for the other person, the better we will do in life.
    Having said that each of us is entitled to have our own "deal breakers" or "boundaries". Anyone with a measure of "self-esteem"  has a line or bottom they refuse to go below. Sometimes we have to face the fact the person we're are dealing with is not a good match in this circumstance.
    Life is too short to invest a whole lot of time trying to change water into wine. Sometimes it's best for all involved to move on.

  3. ChitrangadaSharan profile image54
    ChitrangadaSharanposted 3 years ago

    Life is full of compromises, from beginning till end. And those who are able to compromise, survive well.

  4. manatita44 profile image81
    manatita44posted 3 years ago

    I would not know.

    I have compromised, and suspect that I continue to do so, Bro.