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Why is evil seen as unnatural/ inhuman?

  1. deecoleworld profile image81
    deecoleworldposted 3 years ago

    Why is evil seen as unnatural/ inhuman?

    Why is evil seen as unnatural/inhuman? Can it be seen as natural?

  2. Aime F profile image85
    Aime Fposted 3 years ago

    Because Satan.

    Seriously though, I guess that depends on your definition of evil.

    The world "evil" always carries some supernatural or religious undertone to me, so I guess in that sense the word itself strikes me as being inhuman. I also in turn don't really believe that evil exists.

    I think that some people have great difficulty empathizing or lack in their ability to grasp moral concepts and so you see people displaying really unpleasant behaviour. Couple that with no good guidance and it's a recipe for disaster. Some may see that as evil, I see it as an unfortunate set of circumstances.

    So I would say that there are bad people but I think that's normal, to some extent. Things don't always go so well for everyone. I think that's very human... we as a species are not perfect or infallible.

  3. Genna East profile image90
    Genna Eastposted 3 years ago

    I think it has a duality of meaning…that which is wicked and of a supernatural force; and that which is human wickedness and immoral in that this behavior does not conform to the ethical and moral standards of humanity.

  4. cjhunsinger profile image74
    cjhunsingerposted 3 years ago


    Because we want to ascribe it to something that we have no control over, not our fault, or beyond that which is us. We use it to describe those enemies of our culture and primarily our definition of good. The enemy is always evil, as we are the evil to our enemies. Vilification is necessary in describing those who are different. It is easier to hate an evil, as in the phrase, "evil doers." than it is to intelligently articulate a position.  Evil is a rallying point for patriotism and religious zealotry.  People are easier to kill when they are defined as evil. They become less human.
    Evil is a human invention that incites fear and defines a good, which is invariably, us or a definition of a god. My god is good, your god is evil. It is the difference between us and them. Who cannot be against an evil?
    Evil is uniquely human, as is a good. We invented both.