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  1. Bovine Currency profile image58
    Bovine Currencyposted 8 years ago

    Have you ever been charged for jaywalking?


    1. Bovine Currency profile image58
      Bovine Currencyposted 8 years ago

      Crime thread was a little bare, thought I'd open it up tongue

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      lyricsingrayposted 8 years ago

      No but I would be really pissed if I did that's for sure

      good crime thread lol

    3. Bovine Currency profile image58
      Bovine Currencyposted 8 years ago

      I thought we could work our way up from jaywalking, bag snatches, deli burgs and then maybe the pharmacy knock over?

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        lyricsingrayposted 8 years agoin reply to this

        ha lol lol lol

    4. Cagsil profile image60
      Cagsilposted 8 years ago

      I was stopped by a cop once, when I first moved to the city I now live in. He told me that he could fine me for Jaywalking.

      He didn't like the fact that I crossed the street in front of his car. I was already walking across the street as he drove up my street. Do realize, my street only has 3 houses on it and is very short. He was being more of an A$$ than needed to be.

      This is when I realized there was way too much government control over people's actions. smile

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      Citrus000posted 8 years ago

      When I was about 13, my friends and I used to sneak out of the house to have night time water balloon wars. Well, a friend of mine and I were crossing what would be a busy street but seeings how it was in the wee hours of the morning it was pretty dead. Anyway, as we were running across the street a cop from a side street seen us, sped towards us, and we ran away!

      I don't really know where this is going or how it is even related. I suppose we could have got in trouble for jay walking, more likely being out past curfew though.

      I really should not have even posted this but I just typed it all out, so I am going to post it. Ha!

      This is why I haven't written any hubs.  smile

    6. pddm67 profile image60
      pddm67posted 8 years ago

      Nope - not me.

      I didn't even know they still ticketed people for jaywalking. I can't think of anyone in NY that doesn't jaywalk! People here are ALWAYS crossing in the middle of the street, during traffic, in front of cars and I've never seen anyone fined.

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        sneakorocksolidposted 8 years agoin reply to this

        How many have you seen runover?

        1. pddm67 profile image60
          pddm67posted 8 years agoin reply to this

          Believe it or not - not one!

    7. lorlie6 profile image84
      lorlie6posted 8 years ago

      My son was charged here in the small town of Bishop, where we've lived for years.  He was 14 and it was a side street, the cop just happened to spot him...they have nothing better to do in this town.  I had to go to court with him, and the judge chastised the officer in court, telling him that he-the judge-and I had better things to do with our time!
      Oh, God, I forgot!  My mother got a ticket for jaywalking in Pacific Palisades in the 70's.  She was SO pissed off!

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      Ghost32posted 8 years ago

      I've not been ticketed for jaywalking, but the thread topic definitely triggered recall of a true story.

      In early 1973, I was divorcing my first wife and living with Carolyn (who became my 2nd), in Spokane, Washington.  Our apartment was in a building that could have founded a soap opera.  Peggy had introduced Carolyn & me.  HER estranged husband lived downstairs from us, Peggy lived in the same building 100 feet or so away, and Peggy's Mom owned the place. 

      Peggy worked a late evening shift at a local restaurant.  With no car, she walked several miles to and from work.  One night, arriving at her 2nd floor apartment around 3 a.m., she felt uneasy.  Instead of undressing and going to bed, she fell asleep on the living room couch, fully clothed...later waking up with a man straddling her with every intention of rape.

      You'd have to know Peggy to appreciate this, but in time she TALKED him out of it.  He left.  She called the cops.  He was never caught...but SHE was thrown in jail...for not paying a number of JAYWALKING TICKETS. 

      When she called her ex to bail her out, she was one ticked off little cookie--who never did see the humor of it all.

      Wonder why? lol