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What can anyone do to eradicate child labor?

  1. MarieLB profile image81
    MarieLBposted 2 years ago

    What can anyone do to eradicate child labor?

    There is so much good reading on this site, that I spend a lot of my time doing just that.
    I have yet read again an article about child labor.  The gross injustice fires me up.

    Ref: … c#comment-

    Many who put down their thoughts in the comments warn that to interfere may do more harm than good in attempting to change the situation.

    What do you think?  Are there ways that other governments, societies or individuals can employ to eradicate this scourge?

  2. RTalloni profile image88
    RTalloniposted 2 years ago

    We are not able to do it.  From a distance we loathe what we see in the bent to take advantage of other people that you highlight here, but a closer look at home gives examples that provide us a vision of what the future in this country will look like unless there is real change. 

    For instance, in our welfare system, though some are helped, it also allows too many parents to work less or not at all, teaches them to live off of other people, and to use their children to take advantage of the system.  Within that frame work, the parents also use their oldest children as home/child care workers on an almost full time basis.   

    Any doubting this can spend some time working within those communities in an outreach organization to teens from such families to see for themselves.  Many times they are not allowed to attend unless they bring along their younger siblings so parents can go out for the evenings. 

    This forces the organizations to accommodate the parents and provide nutrition and safety in a younger child care option within what was intended to be an  teen activity so there can be some positive impact in the lives of the teens.  The teens enjoy meals, games with each other, and learning.

    It's a gradual process, but getting a glimpse of the possibility of a different future for their own lives helps them make needed changes in their thinking and behaviors.  Still, at the end of the day, they go home to the same forced child labor that is intrinsic to their lives. 

    What they do for their siblings and in their home life goes beyond the normal learning process that includes children helping out at home as they grow up so they will know how to manage life as an adult.  These kids try to provide meals, for example, but without proper oversight/training in the kitchen or the needed resources (food).   

    It's encouraging to see that some states are addressing the broken system.  Check out this example: … A/Home.htm
    Yet the system is out of control.  The welfare system is just one example of how our own government encourages child labor that will only increase in amount and severity unless there is radical change--see a variety of articles like: … rom-abuse/

    1. MarieLB profile image81
      MarieLBposted 2 years agoin reply to this

      RTalloni, Thanks very much for giving us an informative reply.  I've  had a look at the links you gave us, and will be doing more reading as time permits.  There's much of value there.  I  hope that we are still in time to change these ugly truths.