Who do you tip, and how much? Why is it almost obligatory to tip people just for

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  1. Gloriousconfusion profile image87
    Gloriousconfusionposted 3 years ago

    Who do you tip, and how much? Why is it almost obligatory to tip people just for doing their job?

    Why do we tip restaurant staff, porters,  and cab drivers, but not train drivers, secretaries, receptionists, doctors, road sweepers, lawyers and musicians?  They all provide a service, and on the whole, cab drivers earn more than secretaries and road sweepers. 

    Do you tip the person who delivers your parcel, your boiler repairer or the AA?  Isn't it time for employers to pay their staff sufficiently and abolish tipping altogether?


  2. profile image0
    Larry Wallposted 3 years ago

    Waitresses, pizza delivery people and others do not make minimum wage. It is assumed that the difference will be made up in tips. The idea of a tip was "to insure proper (maybe prompt) service--tips. In cases where I get mediocre service, I give a minimal tip, 15 percent before taxes. If the service is exceptional, they get close to 20 percent. When I was employed and staged several banquets and meetings, I gave 20 to 25 percent--depending part on hotel policy and the attitude of the workers. I tip my barber (hair stylist) $2. They get paid on commission.

    Being dependent upon tips is certainly not an ideal way to live. However, it does encourage good work habits, especially among younger workers. Technically, tips are supposed to be reported as income and therefore, taxable. I do not believe all tips get reported. There was a young waiter at a restaurant we often visit. He had made some personal mistakes in his younger days, but had gotten his act together and did an outstanding job and we believed he was going to be successful, when he moved back to his home state. We slipped him a little extra on the way out.

    If the service is terrible, the order is wrong or the attitude is bad, I leave a dollar.

  3. prettynutjob30 profile image91
    prettynutjob30posted 3 years ago

    I always tip around 15 percent because I know how little waitresses, hair dressers, and delivery people get paid. I know how hard it is to live off of barely anything, so I always try to tip well.

  4. SusanDeppner profile image90
    SusanDeppnerposted 3 years ago

    My hairdresser does a great job with my hair and I'm pretty generous with a tip. That extra consideration goes a long way when I need something special. I'm confident that she'd do a good job anyway, but it's human nature to put in a bit of extra effort when you know you just might gain an extra dollar or two, which goes a long way when you're a single mom (which she is).

    For waiters/waitresses, we like to reward a job well done.

    Since certain jobs are structured with tips as part of compensation, I think that can be an important motivator for those who both want to do a good job and want to earn more money. I love seeing the occasional "feel good" story about people leaving huge tips. You just never know who you might be waiting on!


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