Been in the Air Force for almost 10 years and my enlistment ends in one year. St

  1. maunderingcabal profile image81
    maunderingcabalposted 2 years ago

    Been in the Air Force for almost 10 years and my enlistment ends in one year. Stay in or get out?

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    liesl5858posted 2 years ago

    You have done enough for your country, don't you want to have a rest for now? I mean it is up to you really, what do you want to do? Do you still want to carry on serving your country? Or you think you had enough of it and give up now. Really it is your life and your decision. You are doing a wonderful job, hope your country appreciate it.

  3. ronbergeron profile image84
    ronbergeronposted 2 years ago

    That's a tough call. Ten years is halfway to a retirement check. I left the Marine Corps after only four years of active duty (thirty years ago!), so I wasn't even close. The retirement check isn't enough to live on, but it would certainly be nice along with the pay check from your next career.

    I'd be reluctant to give a lot of weight to answers from people who've never served since the don't have the first-hand experience needed to fully appreciate the situation.

    If I were in your position, I'd ask myself some questions such as:

    1) Do I like what I'm doing?
    2) Do I like the lifestyle (hierarchy, discipline, deployments, etc.)?
    3) Do I think that my job or lifestyle would be significantly improved as a civilian?
    4) How does remaining in the military or returning to the civilian world affect my family?
    5) Has my training prepared me for a civilian job that is in demand?
    6) What would I miss most/least about leaving the military?

    The further I get from my time of active duty, the more I remember enjoying it.

    Good luck!