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Are we all human beings heading towards World Civilization or not?

  1. mtariqsattar profile image80
    mtariqsattarposted 2 years ago

    Are we all human beings heading towards World Civilization or not?

    It is highly probable that we all are heading to what is referred as a global civilization; which is believed to be the ultimate human destiny. Evey school of thought evidently have such a program that one day, all human beings would gather under the umbrella one world civilization. In such a scenario, distinction on the grounds of color, race, nationality, ethnicity and religion would be trivialized. In fact, it would be utopia - a dream state which should be awaited keenly.


  2. RLWalker LM profile image77
    RLWalker LMposted 2 years ago

    I'm not sure that it's highly probable or probable at all.

    To get there the first prerequisite is survival of the species and the planet if it is to happen on Earth. There is climate change, the threat of nuclear war still, chemical warfare, natural disease from population density. And I'm not even talking about supervolcanoes and asteroids. So first thing is to survive.

    Next is the fact that we still have segregation and conflict within nations, within states, within communities, families and organizations of all kinds.  So if separation and conflict is rife on the smallest scale of the collective, it seems to me unlikely that unity on the biggest scale there is will happen successfully.

    Lastly there is the question of the meaning of it. A nation is a territory, a constitution, a demographic and collective of provinces or states and cities and communities. We vote, pay taxes, enjoy public services, civil rights, commercial, residential, recreational and educational infrastructure. But this is just a contrived system created to organize efforts, beliefs, cultures and resources towards common well being. So say we get to the point were the cultures, beliefs, efforts and resources of the world are organized together for the common well being of all involved.

    Well in a way we're already doing that to some extent. But even on the grand scale of One World it is merely the realization of efficient socioeconomics and politics. Its a nice goal but not the ultimate potential of life and humanity.

    So I've shown my perspective of this as being merely a tool for organized well being and also that it does not seem probable with the way things are going. What this can only mean is that humanity is in a more dire state than it seems. We have an administrative goal so to speak of organizing the world into One World, and much more important goals such as exploration of the galaxy, discovery in physics and mathematics, understanding and utilizing the mechanics and chemistry of life (I don't mean horticulture), spiritual exploration (discovery in subjective consciousness) and just overall happiness and abundance of life in general.

    We are like a lazy A student playing truant to do drugs and and gang-bang, nearing the end of his/her school year facing expulsion and a life of poverty if lucky or death by murder, overdose or cancer if unlucky, but with the potential to cure cancer, lead the nation to peace and prosperity and save the world.

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    Galadriel Arwenposted 2 years ago

    Maybe in your dreams. Our world is filled with power hungry individuals who put their needs above the needs of our civilization and Earth. If we are heading anywhere it is in disaster's way. We humans are destroying out forests, our animals and ourselves. We put poison in our water, provide pills that are supposed to help that actually shorten our lives, injections to make humans ill on purpose, and so on.. Read my hub: http://galadriel-arwen.hubpages.com/hub … OfPlankton and http://galadriel-arwen.hubpages.com/hub … and-Effect

    1. mtariqsattar profile image80
      mtariqsattarposted 2 years agoin reply to this

      @Galadriel, well that is totally a negative viewpoint:) frankly don't know how to proceed from where you left. But, I guess we got to see the silver lining in all this and I am sure there is one. Don't think prospects are that gloomy.

  4. mtariqsattar profile image80
    mtariqsattarposted 2 years ago

    @RLWalker LM: You have come up with probable impediments that would preclude coming of world civilization at such a wide scale. But, I think you are being bit pessimist in analyzing this; you are right - there are problems of every sort not just faced by human civilization but planet as well. Which needs to be saved if to save humanity.

    I do think, that people are conscious of problems that have been brought here; such as issue of global warming, population growth, threat of nuclear war, etc. Think-tanks and non-profit organizations have been voicing against the dangers of cataclysmic issues of such a nature. It is just that people who control the reigns of power should be dedicated to resolving those problems. But unfortunately they have not been sincere and leading countries of the world not want to sacrifice growth at the expense of saving planet, which is nonsensical a approach!

    But we human beings do not have other earth to go in there to live. Therefore, time would come when they would have no option but to address those issue sincerely. Furthermore, it is not just about the people who are at the helm of affairs, but us all as well.

    We have failed to understand one an other, empathize with one an other. Global civilization can not emerge with out us all helping one an other in every way, for coming times hint towards interdependence thus peoples of the world can not afford insularity.

    As for your take on the nation state, which is contrivedly intricate system - you are right and I never suggested that nation state would wither away as Karl  Marx had posited in his communist manifesto. Rather, it would be a strong factor in international politics of 21st century. However, it is probable that nation state would be treated as provinces in such a scenario. No body could imagine league of nations and United nations before two world wars; why can not we imagine a world government or a institution - all encompassing, represented duly and equally by various powerful regions and countries of the world.

    1. RLWalker LM profile image77
      RLWalker LMposted 2 years agoin reply to this

      My view is more fretful than pessimistic. It's just that as I see it, and I may be wrong, the goal on the board is more one of survival than progress and the solution must come in the form of a change even more fundamentally revolutionary than 1world

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      mtariqsattarposted 2 years agoin reply to this

      @RL Walker: I don't object to your contentions here and you are right there are problems, that need to be sorted out before we even think of coming together. But at the same time, world has come together more than ever!