What sort of illogic causes "seemingly intelligent" people in the United States

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    gmwilliamsposted 2 years ago

    What sort of illogic causes "seemingly intelligent" people in the United States to have large/very

    large families(6 & more children per family) thereby reducing their children to extreme poverty,oftentimes having to depend upon outside assistance whether through more affluent relatives, the government, or outside non-profit charities in order to keep them socioeconomically afloat?There's a STRICT correlation between large/very large families & socioeconomic poverty.Typical large/very large families are lower income,even impoverished.  Such families receive outside aid just to survive from day to day. If it weren't for school lunches and doctors, such children wouldn't have proper care.


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    Sometimes it's a "religious" issue. Some religions don't condone birth control and most are against abortions. I've known some Mormon families who were very large. They saw having children as a blessing and simply believed that God would provide for them as needed.
    The reality TV show "19 Kids and Counting" was another religious family. What I really don't get is someone like Octomom!
    A single woman who already had six children to begin with and chose to have in-vitro fertilization   and ended up having 8 more for a total of 14! All 14 of Suleman's children were born through IVF treatments.
    The 38-year-old (single mother) of 14 children (she had six before the octuplets) has been a porn actress, nude model, celebrity boxer and birth-control pitchwoman as she's struggled to support herself and her children. She's lost a home to foreclosure, teetered on the brink of bankruptcy and fought with nannies and others who tried to help her, leaving in her wake a string of publicists, lawyers and good-Samaritan types who no longer want to talk to her.
    Naturally she ends up on welfare. How can society punish adults for unwise decisions without punishing innocent children?

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      Mr. Dashing, these people have askewed logic. Intelligence, no common sense dictates that people have the amount of children(1-4 children) that they can provide THE BEST socioeconomic, educational, & cultural opportunities, NOT impoverishment &am