To Conservatives out there, do you contend that American entitlements & accoutre

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    gmwilliamsposted 2 years ago

    To Conservatives out there, do you contend that American entitlements & accoutrements are

    making it VERY EASY for the lower socioeconomic classes?  Do you further believe that such entitlements & accoutrements are making the lower socioeconomic classes more complacent in their particular station, causing them not to better themselves socioeconomically & believing that society owes them a living instead of working for it?

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    Reilly Staffordposted 22 months ago

    Guess this is better late than never. I think economic entitlements are the basis to any political views in regard to how much an individual is responsible for their own well being. It's hard to to break from the social class your fostered in creating a debate that will never be solved, as we all like to think our views would remain in a reversed circumstance. As a very right conservative I assume it's my entrepreneurial nature, or just shear competitiveness that makes me confident that lower socioeconomic classes receiving more entitlements only assure them of their own position by creating a lack of economic responsibility. Regardless of government policy i'm also confident that social classes (more importantly higher classes) not only hold similar opportunities for those among them but also similar genetics, as executive and high ranking business type may pass ambitious personalities along with fostering morals of elite business practices and less social pity. Back to government however, I as a conservative relish in the fact that I am able to build my own wealth and opportunity, forever separating me from feelings of entitlement to those not sharing such aspirations. I believe little is owed to anyone for simply being of the same society and support should not be demanded by the government. Harsh? maybe. Relatively speaking were indulged in one of the freest societies ever conceived and I truly believe anyone can rise to whatever lengths they deserve, more government levying more taxes from the people who are mostly effected by it (the middle class), only foster increased dependency on a growing lower class and further alienate the elite who are most affected finically by rival business grown out of middle class ambition harder to achieve while supporting others not earning the "fair" amount. So yes, I believe government entitlements make it easy for lower classes to sustain lower ambition and rob others of opportunity.