Are fish swimming throughout the streets of Miami, FL. per global warming like O

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    Missing Linkposted 2 years ago

    Are fish swimming throughout the streets of Miami, FL. per global warming like Obama said recently?

    Recently, President Obama made some comment about global warming.   I think he made the comment overseas.  He said per global warming that fish are now swimming around the streets of Miami, FL.  I live far from that area but find his claim difficult to believe.  The city would have to be abandoned wouldn't it?  How could there be transportation per people getting to work, etc.  If this is so this would be gigantic global news - creating a mass exodus of people from a large American city.  Anyway, I don't know what to make of this....but I find it hard to believe.

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    Au faitposted 2 years ago

    As the glaciers and ice at the North and South Poles melt, the sea levels (oceans) rise.  Reports of this ice melting have been in the news for the last few years.

    As the sea levels rise places along the ocean start to flood where they didn't before.  Hard to imagine all that extra water actually has to go somewhere and doesn't just evaporate isn't it?  After all, if Global Warming is fake, then the rising sea levels and all that water must be fake too, wouldnt you think?  I guess even fake water from the rising sea levels needs real space to occupy, not just fake space.

    The tides along Miami Beach have been much higher than they used to be and along with those higher tides come fish up through the storm drains and into the streets until the flood water from the higher than normal tides recedes again.

    There is video of the fish swimming in the streets along Miami Beach and here is the URL so you can read about it and watch the video of the fish too. … th-florida

    There are plenty of other stories about this issue on Google.  The video I'm including has a Fox News label on it so that would indicate it is authentic, and not some doctored video like they might put on CNN, or ABC.  That should hearten people who know that only Fox News can be trusted to tell the truth. 

    South Florida is already experiencing the effects of Global Warming that everyone seems to want to believe is a fairy tale.  Eventually as all the ice melts from the poles and the sea level rises some parts of the continents around the world will be permanently under water.  Anyone considering beachfront property might want to consider it carefully.  Definitely consult Fox News before buying . . .

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      The article says lunar phenomena is causing it.  There are storms, floods, high tides across the world and always have been.  I've seen fished trapped in standing water left behind by high water.  Obama made it sound like the city was doomed. Thanks!