Are racial relations in America becoming better or worse? Why? Why not?

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  1. gmwilliams profile image81
    gmwilliamsposted 2 years ago

    Are racial relations in America becoming better or worse? Why? Why not?

  2. Kiss andTales profile image79
    Kiss andTalesposted 2 years ago

    I believe we have less tension because the newer generations are mixed company, and they have a different outlook on life.
    Those that are may be more of the older generation that are set in their ways and heart is very stubborn to accept change, but that does not mean the world is better, like a bucket with to many holes, one seemed fix does not stop all the other holes that force water out .the point is the bucket is not fixed,
    And ready to be replaced ,neither is the systems world affairs save able.

  3. ValKaras profile image86
    ValKarasposted 2 years ago

    Seeing it "over the fence" of Canadian neighbourhood, I would say that people get swayed by the media's most popular topics  -  so currently the scare of terrorism is bringing folks together, like an appearance of a wolf will do it to the sheep, regardless of colour. Please, don't mind my comparison, but it seemed illustrative of the situation, certainly not of the American mentality.

    It's not easy to generalize (I happen to be my own version of an individualist), but to a different degree all the world's population has some neurotic traits  -  which makes them overcompensate and scapegoat just about anybody. I wrote a hub on racism, and like I said there, we may mock blondes' intelligence, and we got a lot of derogatory names for ethnicities and their accents, and so on.

    Keeping that in mind, plus our often idiotic tendency to criticize anybody "that looks, or thinks, or believes differently than we do"  -  it's hard to extract racism as a unique feature of this tendency. If they like your skin colour, they will find something else "wrong with you". Well, we shouldn't really take all that seriously  -  people will be people.

  4. dashingscorpio profile image87
    dashingscorpioposted 2 years ago

    I think it's always going to be a sort of mixed bag.
    Clearly the abolishment of slavery, ending Jim Crow laws, passing civil rights bills, ending laws against interracial marriage, and the fact the president of United States is black indicates there has been some progress. Yes, racism is alive & well. It will always be with us.
    Some members of mankind will always look for ways to illustrate their belief that one group is more superior than another group based upon race, gender, or sexual orientation.
    I think it's very easy for many folks to negate progress when they see several instances in the news of police brutality or read racial hatred comments and tweets posted by anonymous people at the end of articles or in reaction to things in the news.
    However times are better now than they were in the 1960s or prior.
    One thing we should all bear in mind is in order for a story to make the news it has to be the "exception" and not the rule.
    Most people are more focused on going to work and taking care of their families and households. Very few people are losing sleep trying to figure out ways to hold another person down.
    I personally live in a diverse upscale area in a suburban town and none of the stuff I see in the news is taking place here.
    Again it's (my) experience.
    When we see horrible things in the news "empathy pains" can make perception reality in minds even if (we) {personally} have not had someone shoot us in the back, being shot in a prayer meeting in church, had crosses burned in our yards, or choked out by police
    Having said that things are far from perfect and just about every minority can relay a story where they were not given equal treatment or felt they weren't due to their race. Nevertheless when you look at black billionaires like Michael Jordan, Oprah Winfrey, Robert Smith, along with Fortune 500 CEOs like Kenneth Frazier (Merck & Co., Inc), Ursula Burns (Xerox), Kenneth Chenault (American Express), and John W. Thompson (Chairman of Microsoft Board) these are just a few examples of (individual progress).
    Which brings me to my last thought. Life is a (personal) journey.
    There will never be a time where "everyone" has the same life experiences regardless of their race. One can point to those who are mistreated due to their race as well as those who have succeeded despite their race.
    Both of them are living on the same planet.

  5. profile image0
    LoliHeyposted 2 years ago

    It's becoming way worse.  Thanks to idiots like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, and the Media trying to pit people against each other.  The leftist elite are trying to keep black people down and condition them to hate white people and blame them for all of their problems.  The media plays a big role, and Black Lives Matter isn't helping one bit.  Read "The Antidote" by Jesse Peterson.  It is a great book.


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