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Do political polls influence your vote?

  1. bradmasterOCcal profile image32
    bradmasterOCcalposted 2 years ago

    Do political polls influence your vote?


  2. dashingscorpio profile image88
    dashingscorpioposted 2 years ago

    On some level I believe it does mainly during primary season.
    If the person you like is tracking at 2% or 3% it's probably natural to have a backup candidate who is near the top that you feel you could "live with". This is especially true if it's tight race at the top.
    During the general election it's pretty much cut and dry unless there is a third party candidate you like. The vast majority of voters would consider a vote for a third party candidate as being a "wasted vote".
    Anyone heard of Cecil Ince, Gary Johnson, Shawana Joy Sterling, or Austin Peterson? They are just a few of the 12 candidates from the Libertarian Party seeking the presidency!
    Jill Stein is the Green Party nominee.
    Now if in November we have Trump, Clinton, Peterson, and Stein to choose from and the polls show a {tight race} between Trump and Clinton; I suspect most Libertarian voters will vote Republican and most Green Party voters will vote Democrat.
    It's their way of having their vote "count or make a difference".

  3. tamarawilhite profile image92
    tamarawilhiteposted 2 years ago

    If there are two or three people I am debating about voting for, polls may lead me to vote for the one who is not a frontrunner but could be boosted to a leading position.
    Otherwise, I vote for the person I support or most likely to do what I want done, not the most popular person.

  4. Cynthia Hoover profile image95
    Cynthia Hooverposted 2 years ago

    Polls do not influence my vote at all. I don't just take things at face value either (things you, see/hear/read). I genuinely try to independently research as much as I can about each, prior to making a decision. More often than not, voting for one - not so much because I back them 100%, more because I can't get behind the other candidates at all.