Which of America's major problems of 2012 have been solved by the White House an

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  1. Perspycacious profile image81
    Perspycaciousposted 2 years ago

    Which of America's major problems of 2012 have been solved by the White House and which haven't?

    For a time, Secretary of State Clinton had her hands at the controls of foreign policy implementation, and President B. H. Obama has had his at dealing with those and the rest of the major issues for which "change" was needed in 2012, or even in 2008. Clinton is defending Obama and Obama is rooting for Clinton in 2016, but which of their promises from way back in 2008 have actually been achieved under Democrat-controlled and Republican-controlled Congresses?  Start with the following:  Immigration, Tax Reform, National Debt, National Security, Foreign Wars, Personal and Family Income, Etc.?

  2. tamarawilhite profile image92
    tamarawilhiteposted 2 years ago

    None of them have, and most have gotten worse.
    Unemployment only looks better because they stopped counting all the people who retired earlier than planned, now collect SSDI or dropped out of the workforce as shown by the workforce participation rates now at the same level as the 1970s.

    1. Perspycacious profile image81
      Perspycaciousposted 2 years agoin reply to this

      If we add in under-employment, and "employed" but at lower salaries than in 2008, the personal and family income situation is much worse in 2016.  Ask an indebted college graduate, or a head of household, how they feel, and you will know.

    2. profile image0
      LoliHeyposted 2 years agoin reply to this

      Absolutely.  When I first read this question, I was like, huh?  What problems have been solved?  If anything, we have more problems than ever!

  3. profile image57
    Norine Williamsposted 2 years ago

    Whether "the majority" wants to admit it or not, President Obama has not been "idle" during his Presidency! 

    I know it's hard to swallow, but here are a list of things he has accomplished during his administration (whether I agree with them or not) per www.pleasecutthecrap.com:

    1.    Changed the culture of the Executive Branch.
    2.    Staved Off a Bush Depression, Improved the Economy.
    3.    Specific examples of Economic Development.
    4.    Addressed Wrongdoing in the Financial Sector.
    5.    Improved Conditions for Consumers & Small Businesses.
    6.    Strengthened the Middle Class & Fought Poverty.
    7.    Addressed Civil Rights & Equality.
    8.    Improved Workers' Rights.
    9.    Protected the Rights of Gay People.
    10.  Improved Conditions for Women.
    11.  Addressed Criminal Justice Failings and the Gun Culture.
    12.  Improved Treatment of Soldiers and Veterans.
    13.  Improved America's Reputation Around the World.
    14.  Changed US Approach to "Defense" and National Security.
    15.  Improved Education & Educational Opportunities.
    16.  Restored the Adult View on Science & Technology.
    17.  Improved our Health.
    18. Addressed the Environment While Dealing with Energy Needs.

    "AND DID YOU KNOW?"  Despite the characterizations of some, Obama's success rate in winning congressional votes on issues was an unprecedented 96.7% for his first year in office.  Though he is often cited as superior to Obama, President Lyndon Johnson's success in 1965 was only 93% http://n.pr/i3d7cY


    Despite the odds, became the first black president and then, was reelected by a wide margin."

    Cited from www.pleasecutthecrap.com 02/16/2016

    1. Perspycacious profile image81
      Perspycaciousposted 2 years agoin reply to this

      The question is quite specific and relates to the period after 2012, and asks that answers "Start with the following: Immigration, Tax Reform, National Debt, National Security, Foreign Wars, Personal and Family Income, Etc.?"


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