Will the current election create more Libertarians and anarchists?

  1. Annsalo profile image85
    Annsaloposted 22 months ago

    Will the current election create more Libertarians and anarchists?

    With many getting fed up with having to choose the lesser of the evils, will this turn many away from the 2 party system all together? Or will people continue voting for people they don't believe in for the sake of the party they are most similar to?


  2. lovemychris profile image61
    lovemychrisposted 22 months ago

    Cannot afford to lose this pbe. Women's reproductive  (personal liberty) rights are at stake. Trump has said he will appoint supreme Court justices who will repeal roe v wade. Any vote that helps him is a stake in the coffin of women. Not to mention muslims, immigrants, Palestinians...we are all between freedom and lock down USA. Pals already on lock down. 68 yrs!

  3. tamarawilhite profile image92
    tamarawilhiteposted 22 months ago

    The Republican party has seen the rise of the Tea Party, essentially strict Constitutionalists. They aren't in favor of eliminating government but severely cutting it back - which libertarians can agree with, but they are not into the free love, drugs, prostitution side.
    On the right, there are anarchists, but the bigger share are those who hate the Democrats catering to big business, the corruption.
    The only area of agreement is that both Sanders supporters and the Tea Party have the collusion between big business and big government, where government gives the businesses like Facebook and Boeing favors and those businesses pay them back directly as Clinton Foundation donations or indirectly as lobbyist jobs after terms in government. And in this regard, both sides want to end the crony capitalism.