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Are you sick and tired of some of our public servants that refuses to do their j

  1. jackclee lm profile image83
    jackclee lmposted 21 months ago

    Are you sick and tired of some of our public servants that refuses to do their job?

    The latest two glaring examples are the IRS chief and the head of the VA. One was charged with destroying evidence in the Lois Lerner scandal, the other is making excuses for long wait lines at the VA, meanwhile, nothing seems to improve. You wonder why we are in such sad state with the 2016 election cycle. Can't we do better than this?

  2. bradmasterOCcal profile image31
    bradmasterOCcalposted 21 months ago

    My biggest problem with public servants is they get the people to give them benefits, salaries, retirements, health benefits that don't exist in the private sector. That takes Servant to a new meaning, as the people are supposed to be the Master.

    Then, when the public servants don't do their job, that is irritating in light of their benefits. The worse is when elected officials campaign for new positions like the presidency. Yes, they all do it, but that doesn't make it right. To do it right, they should resign from their job because campaigning is a full time job.

    Campaigning for the presidency, for example, doesn't benefit the country or the people. It misuses the money and the resources of the government for the benefit of the person, and their party.

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    Old Poolmanposted 21 months ago

    They are shielded by many layers of protection that employees in the private sector don't have.

    There seems to be almost no accountability for public servants whom are either protected by Unions, or are almost guaranteed they will never be fired.

    Make them face the same world as private sector employees and their attitudes would change and so would their performance level.

    For the most part, there just is no accountability for government employees.

  4. Annsalo profile image84
    Annsaloposted 21 months ago


    I've been sick of it since I was old enough to understand it. It is a problem from the top all the way down to local public servants.
    The problem with the system though is that the people allow it. No matter what wrong they do the majority just doesn't seem to care. It could be the head of VA or it could be a police chief. It could be a child killed by a cop failing to do their job right or veterans dying because the VA is so insanely slow at processing. PEOPLE JUST DON'T REALLY CARE.
    Sure some say they care, but what is being done? Not much.
    Can we do better than this? YES! However that will take everyone getting their heads out the sand and actually doing something.

  5. tamarawilhite profile image91
    tamarawilhiteposted 21 months ago

    That is why FDR said there should not be public sector unions. Unions serve the workers (or today, union leaders) and the public servants should serve the public.

    1. jackclee lm profile image83
      jackclee lmposted 21 months agoin reply to this

      I totally agree. Ronald Reagan stood up to the air traffic controllers union in 1980s and won.