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What Would The Founding Fathers Say About The Size Of Our Government?

  1. PhoenixV profile image78
    PhoenixVposted 20 months ago

    What Would The Founding Fathers Say About The Size Of Our Government?

  2. Dont Taze Me Bro profile image61
    Dont Taze Me Broposted 20 months ago


    Are you kidding?

    If the founding fathers knew all that is going on and has gone on over the recent past with our government they'd say, "This isn't the America we envisioned, the government has long past gone off the rails and is leading the country into bankruptcy, financially, educationally and morally" and it is so bad they wouldn't be able to conceive any way that total destruction of the America they envisioned, the American dream, can be averted given the path the country is and has been on for many years now.

    If they were reincarnated tomorrow with the ability to change things and still endowed with the wisdom they had when they founded the country they would be leading a revolution that would make the American Revolution of 1776 look like a walk in the park. When the Government has become so corrupt that it ignores the constitution, uses government agencies as weapons against it's detractors (IRS, DOJ, EPA, Supreme Court nominations, you name it), lies daily to the "masses" and tax and spends like there is no tomorrow it can't be changed from within and guess what, at some point there will be no tomorrow!

    If you don't think that's what this country needs just wait and see, your children will be blaming our generation for letting it happen, the destruction of America that is.

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    bradmasterOCcalposted 20 months ago

    I would hope that they would question whether this was the United States of America? Once they found out it was really their country, they would say I knew we should have been more specific with our wording of the constitution.

    Especially the two sentences of the Interstate Commerce Clause to which the SCOTUS used to increase the size and scope of the federal government.

    They would not have left the details of building the Judiciary Branch to the US Congress. And they would have certainly made the SC decisions more than a simple majority.

    They would have been appalled that the size of the government was increased by decreasing the power of the state. In essence, make everything a federal matter. They would also say that with the size and scope of the federal government today, there is no need for states, or the 10th amendment.

  4. Johnny James A profile image77
    Johnny James Aposted 20 months ago

    I understand that the original poster has the right to delete any answer in this forum.  However, what is the point of having a discussion if posts are going to be deleted just because the OP does not like the position of a poster? My original post contained no foul language, did not refer back in any negative light to the OP (in fact it never said anything about the OP), nor used incorrect facts.  I stated the fact that the founding fathers could contain a smaller government because their government was never meant to be a government for all people.  They specifically punted issues to guaranteeing voting rights in the Constitution and gave it to the States because they did not want to appear hypocritical in not guaranteeing "representation" to its people when they just fought a war against the crowns "virtual representation." The founding fathers wanted real representation and an ability to have a say on how the live of a country's citizens are run.  "Remember the "No taxation without representation" cry.  The founding fathers would say the current government is big because it is incorporating and giving a say to too many citizens. Although I guess it is ironic my post would be deleted.  The founding father did not want everyone to have a voice in politics and here we are mimicking them by removing voices of dissent.