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Why can't politicians act in the best interest of the people instead of their ow

  1. jaydawg808 profile image89
    jaydawg808posted 20 months ago

    Why can't politicians act in the best interest of the people instead of their own private agenda?

  2. dashingscorpio profile image87
    dashingscorpioposted 20 months ago


    I believe most politicians act in the interest of those who will help get them re-elected. Therefore indirectly they do serve the people and donors in their immediate community/region, city, or state.
    The office of president is a lot more difficult to serve the interest of the people. Firstly in any given election about half of the people voted against you! The only thing they want is for you to leave office.
    They never supported your party's platform agenda or its goals!
    No matter what you do a large segment of people are going to dislike it. Therefore it becomes a game of keeping your (party leadership) people happy and playing the (electoral map).
    You naturally want initiatives that retain your blue or red states along with offering something to those "swing states".
    Everyone wants to be reelected!
    Oftentimes it's during a president's second term that they attempt to spread their wings. Nevertheless most laws are enacted by congress so in order get anything done his/her goals has to benefit those who would vote in favor of it. Which explains how "pork" often gets added to bills. Essentially it's sort of a bribe/offering to Senator or congressman's state in exchange for their vote on a national bill.
    That Senator can now go back to their state to remind people they brought so much money back home for projects and the like....etc

  3. Johnny James A profile image78
    Johnny James Aposted 20 months ago

    In the beginning only a very small pocket of individuals could actually have a "legitimate" chance of ascending to the office of President, VP, Congress, or even state legislatures etc. As such, they were less likely to be influenced by "outsider" money.  Although, many politicians still used their influence to help their own agenda at times.  Today, to run a campaign and then get re-elected you need gobs of money and resources.  The only way to get this is to keep your big donors happy.  As such, you now have to keep certain people happier than others. Additionally, even today politicians still have their own agendas.  I remember a while back when Congress finally closed the loophole on members buying stocks ahead of certain law passages which they knew would help a company. This law was passed when the SEC wanted to go after lawmakers on both sides of the aisle.  The response was a law change and a brief which said Congress is shielded from insider trading prosecution due to the nature of their job. It would be nice if someday politicians merely acted in the public interest.  However, human nature makes it so they will look out for themselves.  Additionally, the cost of running an election will make it necessary for them to look out for donors. Unless severe campaign finance reform is made it will always be this way. Also, since the Supreme Ct stated that they act of making donations is a form of free speech, the law will have to be specifically crafted or a possible amendment will be needed.

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    peter565posted 20 months ago

    That increasingly seem to be the case, since gen B got into power. Many politicians from this generation is more interest in their own power then national interest, unlike our grand parent's generation, which was more interest in the greater good and completed many difficult task (they fought WW2 and led us through the cold war) the next era of politician that come next, don't seem to have even half of what it take from our grand parent's gen.

    When we were kids, our parents always say to us "you are the worse generation, spoil and lazy" and claim themselves to be the best generation. Now with gen B in charge and seem to be just making a big mess for the next generation to clean up, we can now finally laugh and said "Nan, you are the worse generation ever" smile