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Why must people look to, EVEN EXPECT politicians to get them out of socioeconomi

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    gmwilliamsposted 20 months ago

    Why must people look to, EVEN EXPECT politicians to get them out of socioeconomic quagmires

    instead of looking to themselves to socioeconomically uplift  & EMPOWER themselves through proper strategizing, education, & lifestyle choices, not to mention imbue these same lessons to their children?   In essence, no one is going to socioeconomically empower you but yourself.  It is time to act accordingly!


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    bradmasterOCcalposted 20 months ago

    You make a good point, and the other point is that we need to figure out how to prevent the politicians from creating an unstable economic foundation for us to work within.
    We can't help our selves if we are working in political and economic quicksand. The government had the power to ensure that the economic foundation of the country would be stable and distributed, but because of the two political parties going in different directions, they allowed the people wanting to make the big quick bucks to have the leverage they needed to accomplish their snatching of greed.

    The government increased their size and scope over the last fifty or more years. This required that they tax and tax to support their new size and scope. This mainly affected the middle class, as the government took a large slice out of their take home pay. Between FICA and Withholding there was little left but the necessities and make something for emergencies.

    Since the 1970s jobs have disappeared from the US, through mergers and acquisitions, and the rush to avoid corporate taxes by creating tax havens around the world. Today we are service industry, for example the health insurance, and medical services is one of our biggest industries.

    So now, not only does the government, Fed, state, and local taking a big bite out of the paycheck, health insurance takes a big chunk, and it seems to be growing. Prescription drugs are the essence of most medical treatment, but prescriptions need a separate, although illogical, insurances. Today's prescription drugs are very expensive, and the older people get they become a lifetime drug for them.
    Then if you want to put your kids through college, it costs more per year, than the parents take home from their jobs.

    MY point is that with this kind of foundation caused mainly from the infrastructure generated by the politicians there are only minor adjustments that people can make. And every year, the politicians change the plan.
    The poor and the rich are not affected by these politicians. They are the protected class, while the middle class is the work horse and preyed upon by the politicians.
    The politicians have given the rich the Internal Revenue Code to soften the tax blow, or even reduce and defer it. Yes, the top 10% pays as much as the 90%, but they make several times more than that 90%. After paying their taxes they have millions of tax free profit.

    IF I didn't get the gist of your ?, delete my comment.

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      bradmasterOCcalposted 20 months agoin reply to this

      Thanks you for saying that, I appreciate it.

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    tamarawilhiteposted 20 months ago

    FDR promised a chicken in every pot, that the federal government would solve every need (see his second bill of rights) and most wants.
    Since then, many politicians, especially on the left, see it as the government's job to take care of people and the people tend to see it as the government's job to give them what they think they should have.
    Never mind that a state that can give you what you want can take away all you have, or demand total obedience and all your labor to pay for it.