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Hello, I'm here now, what do I do?

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    Crabby frogposted 21 months ago

    Hello, I'm here now, what do I do?

    I'm a newbie here so I am trying to learn about this site and how it works, can you help me?

  2. fpherj48 profile image77
    fpherj48posted 20 months ago

    Crabby....First things first.  If you are serious about being an active member of this community of writers, there is much you need to do to get properly started.
    Create a profile for yourself to include a photo (or a favorite image).  Browse around and check out several profiles in order to decide how you choose to compose your own and what you want your readers to know about you.
    Visiting the learning center is a must.  Learn the TOS and gain insight on how to increase your chances of achieving success on HP.  Make sure you understand all the advice and suggestions for creating great hubs and then go about publishing your first one. Have patience.
    If you care to become familiar with fellow-writers here, travel through our community and read some of the thousands of published work by us and submit your comments.  Never hesitate to ask questions & seek advice.  You will find HP members are some of the most marvelous group of individuals from all over the world & always willing to help.
    Give yourself time to settle in and get the true feel for being an online free-lance writer.
    I wish you much luck.  (establishing a profile is very important to avoid being and remaining a total stranger.)

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    nochanceposted 20 months ago
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    Crabby frogposted 20 months ago

    Thank you for all your help you can give me, I am not here for money and am not sure I will stay, if I get money okay then. For now I am just checking it out.