How do you rate democracy as a system ?

  1. Khawaja Iqbal profile image71
    Khawaja Iqbalposted 19 months ago

    How do you rate democracy as a system ?

  2. lions44 profile image97
    lions44posted 19 months ago

    It has its problems. Just look at our Presidential election. But to really understand its benefits, one has to compare it to other systems.  The most economically prosperous nations (structurally sound and with a high standard of living), are democracies.  What is the alternative?  Can you name a one party state or dictatorship that has a bright future?  People want a voice.  It takes hard work being a citizen of a democracy. You have a responsibility to pay attention and vote. 

    You could make a case that China is an economic powerhouse. But you would have to ignore their many social ills and human rights issues.  Their standard of living is still below the west.

  3. tamarawilhite profile image92
    tamarawilhiteposted 19 months ago

    To paraphrase Winston Churchill, it seems bad but all the others are worse.
    You get an organized overthrow of the government at every election, which is why elections are so contentious - but that is better than armed revolution because people have no other way to eject leaders they don't like.