Extremes Need Each Other

  1. profile image60
    Gunnisonposted 8 years ago

    How is it possible that two opposing factions could actually need each other? I asked myself this many times before I came to realize that two halves always make a complete whole, and these halves are direct opposites. Especially in politics, where opposing views take different directions, and without the counter extreme to argue with, there would be no argument.
    If one argument is labeled x and the other y, then to be in balance both must be equal. But that is not the case in politics, one side seems to have more weight; that which could be called pull, with the people from which elected. Once a direction is decided, the pull is exerted in that direction and the balance shifts. Loosing balance is not comfortable, so a counter measure is put into place; attempting to shift the weight back into balance. The farther x gets from y, the farther y must move from x. Ever widening the gap between the opposing views, and making it more difficult to remain in balance.
    Balance is not that easy. At the extreme of x an y is another balance point. X needs to balance just as Y needs to balance. Let us consider just x, as y is the same. X has extremes. So there is an extreme left and right, compared to the center of X. These cause discomfort in x, and x tries to stay centered in x. But what if x is dominated by an extreme and is moved, this can bring x farther from, or close to y. A general drift of positions is always happening at the extremes. It is said the right is dominated by the ones farther right, and the left by the ones farther left. If this is so, then the two will always drift farther apart.
    How far apart can these two move before they break apart, with the connecting beam no longer able to hold the weight. This is surely the state of politics. Two opposing views will never coincide in the center. How could they, else they would not be opposing. The trouble with moving from, is exemplified in moving from too fast. Stress builds up on the connecting beam, straining under the forces applied until the system bends, and bends, to fatigue. Tyrants are born, free to do their will, as the people are confused and are only trying to repair the beam to hold more weight.
    How are the people represented in this giant tug-of-war. Frankly they aren’t. Tyrants are playing a game, with the people as pawns. Politicians gain joy from the game, and only play to see how far they can move the view from the center and their opposing game players. When the people catch on, politicians cover their tracks and move back to the center for a while. Letting the people catch up, having not realized the game is even being played. To play the game, it takes two opposing parties.
    I am tired of being a pawn in this elaborate game of chase. I like my freedom and do not care for tyrants making bribes and closed door deals to ensure a political future at the expense of the people. Tyrants joy at winning the game, caring not who they hurt in the process. It is not about left or right, x or y, it is about people. The game players know the people are distracted with things like, work, eating, and living. We failed to stay educated and cannot think, which brings us full circle. They can play the game and get away with it because we cannot even know what they are doing. Politicians know this, and laugh every time we try and stop the game. Does anyone know the score?
    So to play the game two opposing teams are needed. The left and the right may not even be aware, but they need each other. And if one yells that the other is wrong about something, remember there is one on the other team yelling just the opposite. So take a seat, if you have the desire, and pay attention. This game may cost us all a country, for the sake of tyrants.

    1. rhamson profile image74
      rhamsonposted 8 years agoin reply to this

      The problem with the game is that we are the unwilling casualties and have no stake in the game other than the resource for their funding.  We the unknowing led by the blind is so powerful a statement when you consider the struggles of the powerful who play for their own agendas with little consideration for the lesser pawns.

      1. profile image60
        Gunnisonposted 8 years agoin reply to this

        Could not agree more. There is a solution. Stop the game. Progressives have been identified by admission at the Federal level. Let us turn to the state level. Maybe the states should stop the game by not ceeding unlawful taxes to the Feds. The only levy the Fed has is to run the post office, maintain for the common defense; maintain a military, and control imports and exports. Beyong that their power is really limited by the Constitution. Maybe some remember that document.

        Where is it that the fed must fund, highways and other such infastructure? Let alone all other social miseries they think we need.


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