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Three out of four presidential candidates are anti-vaxxers. How will this affect

  1. Dean Traylor profile image94
    Dean Traylorposted 18 months ago

    Three out of four presidential candidates are anti-vaxxers. How will this affect your vote?

    The four candidates (Johnson and Stein included) also have differing views on science in general. Still,in this particular area, all but one candidate believes that vaccines cause autism in children. Considering that this has been proven to be untrue (debunked as a hoax), what does this say about candidates that hold this view, and will you support a candidate that still believes in the anti-vax concept?  For now, let's keep the candidates' names out of it.

  2. Au fait profile image94
    Au faitposted 18 months ago

    The candidate I support urges people to get their kids vaccinated and knows science has proven vaccines are not the cause of autism.  I think I heard some time ago that fumes from gasoline are suspect, but of course when people don't know and are fearful, many things become suspect.

    While vaccines are very important for/to our children's health (my daughter got all her vaccinations and is fine, about to be 28, next month)  that would not be a major issue for me in choosing a president.

    While healthcare is an important issue overall, I'm more concerned that people have access to necessary healthcare in the event it is needed and wanted.  Not talking enhancement surgery, or sex change surgery, or any vanity type medical services, but necessary healthcare.  I believe needed medical care and services should be available and accessible to everyone.  Even available and accessible to the Republicans who like to deny it to anyone who can't afford to pay for it, while at the same time calling themselves Christians.

    I think vaccines are important, although I never get the flu vaccine because it nearly killed me when I was 6, and the Swine Flu vaccine gave my oldest sister a difficult time many years ago.  However the basic vaccines young children usually get are important and my daughter received them. 

    I'm still not crazy about the measles vaccine because one must have booster shots all of their lives or chance getting that disease as an adult, and then it can most definitely be a killer. My daughter received that vaccine and I hope she remembers to get her booster shots.   I've had every kind of measles there are and while it was rough, I survived and have the best kind of inoculation against those different measles.  I know not everyone has been so fortunate with the various types of measles as myself.

    Anyway, I'm more concerned that healthcare be available and accessible to every American and every person in this country than I am about what people think about vaccines. 

    I care about non-citizens health because if they're here, they have the ability to infect anyone/everyone around them.  That could be me, my daughter, a dear friend or other family member, or anyone, so let's make sure they're healthy too, while we're waiting to send them back home. smile

  3. Greensleeves Hubs profile image98
    Greensleeves Hubsposted 18 months ago

    While I do not as a generalised rule believe in making vaccinations compulsory, I believe their use in the control of certain diseases should be very strongly encouraged, and any influential senior politicians who do not do so are being irresponsible. As you say all evidence suggests vaccination does NOT cause autism, and it is quite frightening to me that apparently three of the four candidates choose to ignore that scientific evidence.

    People who ignore the evidence and the research behind it, are not really fit to be president - not just because of the autism issue but because of the wider need to respect science which plays such an important part in the world today. Fortunately, I think the one candidate you refer to who shows common sense and respects the scientific methodology, is the one that I have been hoping will become U.S president.

  4. Dean Traylor profile image94
    Dean Traylorposted 14 months ago

    Something to consider:  It appears that Trump is seeking to add a Kennedy to his government. The problem? It's Robert Kennedy Jr. one of the leading anti-vaxxer in the country. And take a wild guess what he'll be involved with?

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