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Who won the first Presidential debate?

  1. aasl profile image78
    aaslposted 18 months ago

    Who won the first Presidential debate?

  2. ptosis profile image71
    ptosisposted 18 months ago


    HRC had the expression of a Stepford wive, that made her appear stiff.  She didn't 'win' the debate, she came out ahead because Trump kept stepping on the same rake and slamming self,
    1) zero income tax paid T= scoffed, "smart"
    2) no pay contractors    T= "not satisfied with work"
    3) H is speaking            T= interrupts by saying "I got better temperament"
    4) T  is Mr. Sniffles, drinks water more than one glass of water
    5) T is on the defensive, used previous attacks on him onto H making appear as a little boy as if saying, "I know what you are, but what am I?

    So yeah Trump lost it to himself.

  3. Kathleen Cochran profile image82
    Kathleen Cochranposted 18 months ago

    you are - not your    Not that I disagree, but spelling should be correct.

    1. Dont Taze Me Bro profile image61
      Dont Taze Me Broposted 18 months agoin reply to this

      That's the best you can do? This is not an answer to the Q&A but bravo "the anal grammar police" (you) are doing your job. Most know memes are what they are, not subject to grammar.

  4. lions44 profile image97
    lions44posted 18 months ago

    First 30 minutes was a draw and then it was all downhill from there for Mr. Trump.  He seemed very unprepared and his propensity for not studying/prepping showed.  He's got to get it together ASAP. 

    His surrogates did not help last night. Conway got nasty with Jim Acosta last night in the "spin room" afterwards. No need for that.  You cannot be overly defensive about everything all the time. Trump's staff always come across as surly. 

    Was Holt biased in his questions? Yes. But you have to expect that as the GOP candidate. Deal with it like an adult.  Be prepared.

    1. ptosis profile image71
      ptosisposted 18 months agoin reply to this

      Holt asked Donald about how  to fix the racial divide in2 minutes - that was set up & also asking Donald about HRC non prez look in OT.

  5. Dont Taze Me Bro profile image61
    Dont Taze Me Broposted 18 months ago


    Hillary's Jester, Lester Holt was the only real winner in this debate.

    Lester Holt had his “Candy Crowley” moment on Monday night, bowing to pressure from the Hillary Clinton campaign and the liberal media by “fact-checking” Republican nominee Donald Trump on the question of his support for the Iraq War.

    Holt lived down to the worst expectations of conservatives, who routinely see Republican candidates treated unfairly by debate moderators.

    Again and again, Holt asked Trump tough questions that were straight from the Clinton campaign’s talking points, and which were obvious set-ups for Clinton to attack (and for fact-checkers to pounce on whatever Trump asserted in his own defense).

    Here are the five worst examples, only the worst.

    (1) Tax returns. Holt never asked Clinton about her e-mail scandal, about Benghazi, or about the Clinton Foundation and its dubious dealings. But he did ask Trump about his tax returns, arguing — not asking — that there might be questionable information in them that the American public deserved to hear.

    (2) Birther conspiracy theory. Holt never asked Clinton about her past record of racist statements, including her “super-predator” remarks as First Lady, or her explicit appeal to “white Americans” in her 2008 primary campaign against Obama. Yet he asked Trump about the Birther conspiracy theory and cast it as racist.

    (3) Stop-and-frisk. After an exchange between the candidates over the policy of “stop-and-frisk,” Holt interjected to bolster Clinton’s point by stating, erroneously, that stop-and-frisk had ended in New York because it had been declared unconstitutional by a court. Trump countered, correctly, that the new mayor had canceled the policy before the litigation was over.

    (4) “A presidential look.” Towards the end of the debate, Holt asked Trump about what he meant by saying Hillary Clinton did not have “a presidential look.” He did so after noting that Clinton had become “the first woman” to be nominated for president by a major political party, thus setting Trump up as a sexist. As Trump answered, Holt interrupted him, then gave Clinton a chance to respond with her talking points about Trump’s past comments on women.

    (5) Iraq War. The question of whether Trump supported the Iraq War or not has been widely debated. What is beyond doubt is that Hillary Clinton voted for it. Holt only represented one side of the debate about Trump, and never asked Clinton about her own vote.

    In addition, the audience repeatedly interjected— almost always in Clinton’s favor — and Holt did not stop them, though it was against the rules. He only stopped the audience when there were cheers for Trump calling for Clinton’s emails.

    Bow again, Jester Holt. You did your job, "Queen Clinton" is proud to have such a jester in her court.

    1. Kathleen Cochran profile image82
      Kathleen Cochranposted 18 months agoin reply to this

      None of that compares to not releasing your taxes.  People of good will can disagree on all the other points.  But every - every- every presidential candidate since Nixon has released his tax records.  Do it, Donald, or get off the ballot.

    2. Dont Taze Me Bro profile image61
      Dont Taze Me Broposted 18 months agoin reply to this

      No one is making that comparison,nice try to divert attention from the media bias which is everywhere.Trump said it, the media is shilling for Hillary & you know it. Besides Trump said he will release his taxes, so your point is mute.