Is there a prejudice towards Black kids playing with toy guns, as opposed to Whi

  1. Gina Welds-Hulse profile image93
    Gina Welds-Hulseposted 17 months ago

    Is there a prejudice towards Black kids playing with toy guns, as opposed to White kids? Thoughts??

    I understand that this is a very loaded question, but I would like to hear your views on this.  My youngest son has a huge obsession with Nerf guns.  I understand that they are not the typical toy gun.  They are brightly colored, etc.  However, recently I have read several articles that plead with Black parents to not let their children play with toy guns in the hopes to minimize deadly incidents.

    Do you agree that there is a prejudice towards Blacks?  Why or why not? Do you let your children play with toy guns?  Why or why not?

  2. Ericdierker profile image54
    Ericdierkerposted 17 months ago

    Gina my six year old has three guns. Two water guns for fun on our desert hot days and a bubble gun. I really did not care if he played with toy guns but my wife freaked at Sandy Hook and that was the end of anything resembling a real gun. He still gets something from a stick to Legos to shoot with. I had NRA at 6. I had a pellet gun at seven and cool cap guns. In my youth I used to track animals but I have never taken the life of an animal excepts pests, like gopher and rabbit and rattle snakes.
    So they say this about young black kids in gang infested ghetto areas. It bothers me that they target blacks but in fact they have the largest comparitive death by gun statistics. Latino second and I think Asian third. In that I am white and our home is half Asian, I would soon they do not leave out those at risk children.
    But truth be told one hell of a lot of shot children inside homes are mostly killed by accident or improper handling. Even gang shooting have huge percentage of collateral damage as a result of mishandling of a firearm. Ignorance is really our worst enemy. We still have gangs that require the use of a gun in a crime to get their pedigree.
    In essence to your question -- Black people get more attention in such matters as they have the strongest advocacy, and not because they deserve it above others.