Is it possible for trump to make USA great again....

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    rajonmollikheroposted 17 months ago

    Is it possible for trump to make USA great again....

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    tamarawilhiteposted 17 months ago

    Yes. Cutting back on government regulations that have kept the economy at nearly no growth rates for eight years will lead to massive economic improvement. 15% of the work force is out of work, and Obama changed the definition of unemployed so that it is officially only 5%. When that 10% are back to work, the nation will be better off.
    Cutting back on the oppressive policies will also help, such as schools teaching seven year old children that there is no such thing as boys and girls or letting mentally ill men into the women's showers because they say they are women.
    We've also had conservatives physically attacked for expressing conservative views, and the liberals justify it as "fighting fascism". It gets more insane when you read about a professor having the police called because a student wrote a conservative essay, a high school student suspended for writing "Trump" on the board in a class discussion on the election, people losing their jobs for expressing conservative opinions while liberal teachers ranting that conservatives are evil rarely face any penalty.

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