How would you define success?

  1. SMarts04 profile image61
    SMarts04posted 16 months ago

    How would you define success?

    I want to know a different perspective of people, I love to here some answer from 60 plus yrs old people or those who are in their midlife ??????

  2. eirofficial3112 profile image84
    eirofficial3112posted 16 months ago

    In my opinion, success is satisfaction. Let's say for example, I want a new phone. However, due to financial problems, I can't currently afford to have one. Still, in miraculous case, I earned some money and actually bought the phone I wanted. I would count it as a success since I was contented, satisfied, and happy with the results. Otherwise, it would simply count as an urge to buy one.

  3. Cleanclover profile image46
    Cleancloverposted 16 months ago

    Getting what I want. Most of the time I get it so I am 80% successful.