Why Carl Paladino comments on Obama these days?

  1. Cheapflightsss profile image37
    Cheapflightsssposted 16 months ago

    Why Carl Paladino comments on Obama these days?

  2. Dean Traylor profile image95
    Dean Traylorposted 15 months ago

    He probably felt emboldened to say what he said. It was dumb, no doubt about it, but he's starting to pay the price, considering that the Buffalo School Board gave him two option: resign or get fired.  What I don't understand is why someone like that was on a school board in a very diverse city. This is where people need to pay attention to ALL elections, including local ones. This is how these yokels come to power.

  3. fpherj48 profile image76
    fpherj48posted 15 months ago

    Nadine,  I couldn't help but take note of this question.  I see the hoopla caused by our Mr. Paladino has gone National.  Honestly, you'd really have to KNOW Carl to be able to see this from a more fair point of view.  You should also know that "Buffalo" tax payers LOVE Carl and for valid sensible reasons.
    Dean, you being a teacher, I realize must see this in an up-close & personal way.  True, the school board is going hard line with Carl, but the hope and intention is that the huge uprising in his favor is surely going to give the School Board a hell of a fight.  I have included a YouTube link, not only for the interview but more importantly so that you can read the comments.  They explain what I'm passing on, far better than I can repeat the attitudes of the people of Buffalo.
    Carl has always been controversial, no doubt.  However, again, his popularity is huge.  While his mouth & tough-guy attitude lacks diplomacy, his intelligence, common sense solutions, authentic concern for our students, hard work, dedication and generosity has not gone unnoticed by the vast majority.  Just wanted to pass this on as a WNY'er for whatever it's worth to outsiders.  "Happy New Year!!"