Is racism just another form of division?

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    LaurenReneeCarr1posted 13 months ago

    Is racism just another form of division?

    Racism,  sounds alot all like colorism
    We are from the same genus homosapein.

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    mike102771posted 13 months ago

    Race relations (at least in the US) is a culture separation as much if not more than any differences in color (colour). This separation goes back the beginning of the country. Native Americans where considered savages despite many having comparable societies to the new arrivals. The majority the Africans brought into the country were brought in as slave labor (labour). This along with the need to justify their ability to enslave while proclaiming freedom has caused a division bigger and color (colour). Then add near two hundred years of legal oppression from the black codes, Jim Crow to Stop and Frisk (which was used overwhelming against Blacks). Complex problems cannot be salved with simple solutions.

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    bradmasterOCcalposted 13 months ago

    Mankind is basically evil and they have a primitive core, some people have called it the dinosaur brain. Basically evil has not changed since recorded history of mankind, and good has not been able to win over evil. The best it ever does is try to contain it.

    Applying this to Racism, it is just a form of evil. And the primitive human is a lot like the animals. There are dominant and submissive among us. While we see race and color as an example of this, we don't realize that this racism, also exists within the colors. Of course we don't call it racism, but it acts just like that. The have and the have nots, are the elites and the rest of the people.
    White people are discriminated by other white people, either because of religion, politics, social status, and many others. But these discriminations are not protected and they don't come out.
    Discrimination therefore transcends racism and color, it goes to the core of human beings. We are not herd animals, we are just predators, or prey in varying degrees.