Is Angela Merkel now the leader of the free world, not Trump?

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    enjoy lifeposted 14 months ago

    Is Angela Merkel now the leader of the free world, not Trump?

    Being leader of the world (a title that would come by power by any means, including force) and leader of the free world are different things. Military might is not enough to claim the title of being leader of the free world. That title requires someone who defends the principles of democracy for all. A leader who undermines the freedom of the press, disregards the judiciary, disregards other countries and many other things, cannot be said to be the leader of the free world. … 56986.html

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    tamarawilhiteposted 14 months ago

    The EU is falling apart because she invited in a million mostly young male Muslim refugees and told member nations take them in and ignore their crimes and welfare demands or else we'll refuse to give you EU funds back that you've paid us.
    So no, she's not the leader of the free world. She's destroying EU's place of any importance while destroying the EU.

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