Where do you stand on the political compass?

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  1. TessSchlesinger profile image96
    TessSchlesingerposted 20 months ago

    Where do you stand on the political compass?

    There is a site called Poltical Compass where you answer some questions and it gives you your exact location on the map. It's interesting. The map has four points - left, right, authoritarian, libertarian. I thought it might be fun for people to do the test and then to post a snapshot of the results. That way, we can get to know who each other are. smile  I have posted mine below, together wth a diagram of what they mean.


  2. Aime F profile image85
    Aime Fposted 20 months ago

    Very interesting!  It won't let me upload my photo for some reason but I got:

    Economic left/right: -5.13
    Social libertarian/authoritarian: -7.18

    My dot was close to Gandhi's dot on the left/right scale but hanging out near the bottom of that square instead of the top.

    1. TessSchlesinger profile image96
      TessSchlesingerposted 20 months agoin reply to this

      The way to upload is to use the snippet tool (not the save tool) and then save it either to jpg or png. Then you can upload with ease. I think when we all know where each other are, it's easier to discuss things. smile

    2. junkseller profile image84
      junksellerposted 20 months agoin reply to this

      We are neighbors. I got -5.5, -8

  3. lisavollrath profile image96
    lisavollrathposted 20 months ago

    Economic Left/Right: -5.13
    Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: -6.0

    No big surprise, I'm liberal, and libertarian. Since Gahndi is in my section of the grid, and we were born on the same day (October 2nd), I feel OK about that assessment.

  4. aguasilver profile image74
    aguasilverposted 20 months ago

    I got:

    Economic Left/Right: -2.0
    Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: -0.97

    Which is about as near to dead center as you can get!

    1. TessSchlesinger profile image96
      TessSchlesingerposted 20 months agoin reply to this

      Dead centre is, I suppose, the more moderate position. Well done! wink

    2. aguasilver profile image74
      aguasilverposted 20 months agoin reply to this

      Well I am extreme right on some things and extreme left on others and impartial on most things, that's age showing! - I used to be more extreme on all things....

  5. mio cid profile image55
    mio cidposted 19 months ago

    On economic -6.63                                                                                      On social   -4.67                                                                                         Which I find somewhat accurate since on many of the questions I had to choose between agreeing or disagreeing when my answer would be neither, and different altogether.Also, I agree with the left and right position, but not libertarian to authoritarian, since I consider  libertarian to be  an ingenious way the right developed to turn the simpleton masses against the political parties or movements organized to defend the rights of the working class and the poor against savage capitalism and corporations both national and multinational.

  6. wba108@yahoo.com profile image80
    wba108@yahoo.composted 18 months ago

    I got :

    Economic Left/Right: 5.63

    Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: -0.15

    I was closest to Milton Friedman, who was a libertarian leaning conservative, which is about right for me. He is a hero of mine but in reality I think i'd be closer to the views of Margaret Thatcher.

    I thought a number of the questions had no good answers and had left wing assumptions behind them. This is probably why I was closer to Friedman than Thatcher.


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