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Why neither Obama nor Trump is asking India to send more troops for Iraq and Afg

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    peter565posted 14 months ago

    Why neither Obama nor Trump is asking India to send more troops for Iraq and Afghanistan

    India is a 3rd world country, but mostly due to been over populated. India's army got 1.4 million troops, 2.1 million active reserves and 1.3 million parallel military personnel. Other then US been world's most powerful nation, the other reason, most UN forces are Americans, is due to, US got world's 3rd largest army (US also got world's 3rd largest population). India got world's largest army. Their troops are as well train as US (probably better train), only concern is their weapons due to 3rd world status, but can be resolve by using US weapons. India can easily supply over 50000 troops.


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    Cleancloverposted 13 months ago
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    Donya Mehrabanposted 13 months ago

    Its a great plan and probably undercover they are doing that. India is in Asia if for example they did give weapons to Indian troops, majority of India wouldn't send troops to Afghanistan or Iraq they would want to first send troops to Pakistan. India's targets are not similarly to that of America. I mean they could listen to Americans but political aim of India is differently then that of America.

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    AshutoshJoshi06posted 13 months ago

    Unlike America that only believes in destruction and proxy war we want to be at peace with Afghanistan. It serves us not just strategically but also comes as a moral responsibility being a major player in the subcontinent. India will never fight America's war, no matter how strong our ties are. I hope and wish we never. Our government has been helping Afghanistan in monetary terms as well as expertise, creating infrastructure and developemental work in the post war period and we'll continue to do so.

    You are right when you say our weapons are age old but we are fast mordernising and that gives western nations like US with billion of dollars worth of business. But we are not stopping there we are stepping up our game and compelling the biggest players to manufacture in India beside focussing indigenization.

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      peter565posted 13 months agoin reply to this

      I do hope India's army get upgraded, we need more muscle against China, when it is still under Communist Party rule.