What do you think of Betsy Devos's comment that black colleges and universities

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    Salyssaposted 13 months ago

    What do you think of Betsy Devos's comment that black colleges and universities are real pioneers?

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    bradmasterOCcalposted 13 months ago


    She was apparently trying to pay them an accolade, but in this liberal media bias, anything that anyone in the Trump administration says is going to be the wrong thing to say.

    Instead of the media focusing on the positive, they chose to make it a racial issue. Remember, not to long ago, blacks in K-12 were complaining about the testing scores because they claimed it was for whites, and not them.

    Sadly, they also tried to ditch English and create Eubonics??
    Out of all the schools in this country, my neighbor sent his kid to a Black College all the way in Washington DC. That was a choice, and not because there were no alternatives.

    Blacks have been in this land for over 400 years, and they still complain about not fitting in. Yet, Asians from around the world come here and fill up the colleges, and universities, and most of them excel academically.

    Why haven't the Blacks done that, they had a head start on English compared to the Asians.

    In 2008, 19.6% of all African Amer-icans over 25 held a college degree. in-creased significantly from 13.8% in 1996, 11.3% in 1990.

    Overall, 32.6% of non-Hispanic white population over 25 holds a college degree compared to 19.6% of adult blacks. This % gap has remained steady in recent ys.

    Large Gender Gap in African-American Degree Attainments

    Black women have built a huge lead over black men in college degree attainments. Today 2,670,000 black women with a 4-yr degree or better. compares to only 1,909,000 black men. turns out black women account for almost 58% of all African Americans that completed 4 yrs of college or more in US.

    For those African Americans who have only a bachelor’s degree but no higher degree, black women have an even larger lead. There are 1,874,000 black women with a bachelor’s degree compared to 1,341,000 black men.

    669,000 black women hold master’s degree compared to 409,000 black men. black women hold 62% of all African-American master’s degrees,

    Black men continue to lead black women in their numbers of professional degrees. Approx 88,000 black men have a professional degree in United States today compared to 62,000 black women. black women now earn nearly two thirds of all new professional degrees earned by African Americans. only be a few years before black women overtake black men in the total # of professional degrees held by living African Americans.
    The point is that is the kind of info that is important. Not political tirades.