The UK Is going into martial law, what would that mean?

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    peter565posted 10 months ago

    The UK Is going into martial law, what would that mean?

    U never thought the United Kingdom would go into martial law within the forseenable future, but that seem to be the case now. What would that mean to the UK and how might that effect the international world? (The image below show how fully armed British troops and tanks are patrolling the streets, as if it is a war zone.)

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    bradmasterOCcalposted 10 months ago

    Basically, it is a prelude to what will happen in Europe and the US, if the terrorist infused Muslim immigrants are not taken seriously. People like the Mayor of London, and he is not alone, in the UK or the world fuel the continuance of terrorist acts because they try to downplay the problem.

    At the same time going the Martial Law route with fully armed British troops is about as useful to fighting domestic terrorism, as is holding a huge hammer to fight cancer.

    Both cancer and terrorists are threats beyond the human eye, and they need to be dealt from inside. A big armed presence in the streets is useful if the enemy is visible and accessible to the force. But, terrorists just pop up and it only takes a few to do the damage, which is mostly psychological compared to the actual damage done.

    So to answer your question, martial law is the result of failing to deal effectively against the terrorists. The martial law is to fighting cancer as is a placebo. It only gives the impression that there is an answer.

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      peter565posted 10 months agoin reply to this

      That is such a great point, if I am in UK right now, I probably felt less safe with soldiers tanks marching on the streets 24/7 right now. And what if soldiers start shoot first ask question later? Lots of innocent people will die.