Do you want nuclear war with North Korea and China?

  1. promisem profile image97
    promisemposted 8 months ago

    Do you want nuclear war with North Korea and China?

    It's easy to think we can beat North Korea in a conventional war because of our advanced military. But such a war brings big problems:

    1. North Korea has a few small nukes, but China has thousands of them. China has made clear since the 1950s war that it won't tolerate an NK invasion.

    2. North Korea may not send missiles to Guam, but it would hit South Korea and Japan. They are U.S. allies and two of the world's largest economies. It would cause worldwide economic devastation.

    3. Our military is already stretched thin and our country deeply in debt from 2 Mideast wars.

  2. K-Sam profile image72
    K-Samposted 7 months ago

    A nuclear war with North Korea would be superbly devastating. Even if North Korea doesn't launch it's nuclear warheads it could still fire a barrage of artillery and missiles to South Korea and Japan. Considering that that Kim Jong Un is a highly rash leader holding a very impulsive outlook towards it's neighbors it's safe to say that any military actions would triggered a berserk military response from the North.

    You have Japan the third world larges economy and South Korea a world top 20 economy within firing range of the North. Any war would automatically regress back a 100 years in terms of economic and social development.

    A war is just too costly.

    1. promisem profile image97
      promisemposted 6 months agoin reply to this

      You are quite right about the impact of war even without nukes. The cost to human life alone would be just as devastating as the world economic impact.