What do the feminist movements in Latin America need to do for being considered

  1. Naty Lara profile image61
    Naty Laraposted 6 months ago

    What do the feminist movements in Latin America need to do for being considered by the governments?

    In Latin America around the 80% of the crimes against women are unpunished. The feminicides, as we called them now, are increasing and political parties do not have them in their agendas. Although is a real problem, governments have not taken it as a matter of intervention, making harder the guarantee of security for women in Latin America countries.
    There have been a lot of protest and marches for showing the need of making policies and programs that can stop the violence for women, but the results are not positive for the feminist organizations that most of the time are not taken serious.


  2. tamarawilhite profile image91
    tamarawilhiteposted 5 months ago

    Denounce the post-modern feminism that espouses hatred of men, demands social engineering like forcing businesses to have a certain percentage of women be on the board. Don't engage in topless protests and slut walks while saying "don't sexualize us".

    Focus on first and second wave feminism. You aren't after inverting the social pyramid of 50 years ago to create a new unfair system - which is what many governments are afraid of.

    You want to set up women's shelters for victims of domestic violence.
    Challenge legislation that gives men short sentences for rape. However, don't redefine the law to turn regretted relationships into rape or expand the term to say that a man looking at a woman's butt is rape - you'll lose all credibility and support.
    Publicize the longer jail sentences to discourage other men from committing the same offenses.
    Abolish "marry your rapist" laws.
    Teach women how to use various methods of self defense and situational awareness so they are less likely to be raped in the first place.