Are teenagers growing up too fast?

  1. iggy7117 profile image75
    iggy7117posted 13 months ago

    Are teenagers growing up too fast?

    They act like adults with attitude, talk on cell phones and wear sexy or reveling clothing.  This puts them into bad situations they may not be able to handle yet.

  2. tamarawilhite profile image92
    tamarawilhiteposted 13 months ago

    I agree that there is deliberate sexualization of younger and younger children.
    The Antifa protests with pro-pedophilia signs and Slate arguing that pedophilia is just another sexual orientation is evidence that liberals have no issue lowering the age of consent.
    The deliberate injection of LBGT issues as early as possible to try to counter parents' teachings brings up sex to kids as early as kindergarten - and undermines sexual modesty, social constraints and even sex segregation for women's historic protection in the name of fairness. So you get kids who identify as the opposite sex using other bathrooms, leading to less resistance to potential rapists saying they identify as women to gain access to women's showers and locker rooms to assault people.

  3. RTalloni profile image92
    RTalloniposted 12 months ago

    They are actually learning this at much younger ages. What we see playing out in teen years is the consequence of what they learn even as tiny children these days. Parents need to look closely at the clothing available for young kids and make choices that do not promote thinking that harms. Being brave enough to learn about what harms takes courage and effort, but it's worth it. The same goes for entertainment and activities. 

    Fathers and mothers are responsible to look closely at what their little ones see and hear, and take careful stock of what it teaches them about themselves. If parents do not step up to take brave stands against modern culture as they interact with their children their hearts will be broken by the consequences of leaving them to it. 

    Parents are up against the fact that many so-called experts today say there is no real right or wrong in life/living, but that is simply a lie. The reality is that we need to begin teaching young children to be brave about that truth of life for their protection. If we doubt that pro-pedophilia isn't just on the rise but is an entrenched part of life in today's world all we have to do is ask the task forces working hard to catch the predators just what they are up against.


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