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Why Separation of Church and State is Imperative

  1. wilderness profile image98
    wildernessposted 2 weeks ago

    Two Christian sects.  One holding a mass wedding (or vow renewal) ceremony in their church building...with newlyweds and audience clutching AR-15's.  They will even quote biblical scripture indicating God wants them to support the 2nd amendment and Christians are to protect themselves with "rods of iron".

    The other upset and angry because "We do not believe in guns in church. Not in our town".  Some one has dared to have different religious beliefs than they do, and it must NOT be tolerated!  A nearby school is closed and students moved to another facility during the religious church ceremony.

    Will we ever learn?

    https://www.cnn.com/2018/03/01/us/penns … index.html

    http://www.wfmz.com/news/poconos-coal/c … /709073670

    (Could hardly believe it, so found two sources saying much the same thing)

    1. Oscarlites profile image36
      Oscarlitesposted 2 weeks agoin reply to this

      I havent seen this, but wow!

    2. Credence2 profile image80
      Credence2posted 2 weeks agoin reply to this

      Of course, you know that this is one of the few areas where you and I can agree.

      1. wilderness profile image98
        wildernessposted 2 weeks agoin reply to this

        Yes I do.  I just found it comical, in a way, that a simple church service could be so hated, so disparaged...while some Americans advocate for religious controls.  And a Christian sect, no less - I could see it more if it were Muslim, or Pagan or something quite different.