Are doctors stereotyping?

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  1. figment profile image80
    figmentposted 9 years ago

    Are doctors stereotyping innocent anxiety and pain victims because of their own personal beliefs or false judgments of what a "drug addict" is?  Have you ever been denied a controlled substance you really needed at the time b/c the doctor seemed to just "not believe" in prescribing "those" kind of drugs such as xanax or loratab.  Have you ever walked out of a doctor's office still in pain being told by the doctor himself to "just take 4 Ibprophen 3 times a day"... count that-- 12 pills a day. I actually had a doctor tell me that.

    1. MikeNV profile image76
      MikeNVposted 9 years agoin reply to this

      Should patients be the judge of what drugs they should be taking?  This belief has been reinforced by Television Ads placed by Big Pharmaceutical companies.  This is part of the problem.

      Xanax will change the GABA receptors in your brain.  Very dangerous pills with a very difficult withdrawl should you become physically dependent.

      Vicodin is a brand name for acetaminophen/hydrocodone mix which is very hard on the liver.

      The bottom line is patients should not be DEMANDING medications.  And Physicians are under a lot of pressure to NOT prescribe medications due to legal ramifications.  It's unfortunate but recreations drug abusers have in fact made it harder for those in need to get the medications they need.

      But to take the power of prescription out of the hands of the Doctors would be a disaster.

  2. profile image0
    B.C. BOUTIQUEposted 9 years ago

    Doctors are not stereotyping. Controlled substances are exactly that controlled. New governmental laws make it so if you need painkillers, you must have a legitimate reason and the law wants them to be prescribed by Specialists in the field of PAIN MANAGEMENT or have a disease that warrants a doctor to prescribe them to you , if and only if, you sign a pain control contract and follow it CORRECTLY..if you need a anti -anxiety, you must have a real reason, a real problem that can not be controlled by new,  non addictive  anti - anxiety drugs and must be prescribed, if being used in the long term for what the law and medical boards declare as an actual need from a disorder or disease....
    Any doctor who continuously prescribes any narcotic can lose their license and go to prison for prescribing to people who do not have the true need or meet the medical criteria from a disorder or disease and if you go in and ask for a certain drug, yes- you are just setting yourself up to be stereotyped and can be placed on a list that shows up at all pharmacies, doctors offices, hospitals and such to let them know you are a drug seeker.

    I am permanently disabled, this has been deemed by the state and I must follow all federal laws and stick to my care contract or I will suffer dearly. Its hard for us who really need pain and anxiety help to find a doctor to help because they are scared because too many people think they can just go to any doctor and get what ever they want by asking, people have lied too many times and doctor shopped, doctor hopped, faked injuries, faked anxiety attacks, etc.
    many doctor have lost licenses, are being unfairly watched by the DEA because they felt sorry for a person who came to their office for help , only to not actually need a controlled substance and misuse, abuse, or get them because in their mind they think they deserve them.

    If you have a disease or disorder, please do all disabled people and their doctors a favor. Get the proof in diagnosis and sign a contract and follow it.

    Many diseases do not even qualify you for a narcotic, since modern medicine has many new drugs that control pain, like for fibromyalgia patients such as lyrica, just to use as an example. many people were used in trials and the drug Lyrica worked as it should for that certain disorder ( it is not an actual disease, psychologists have found it to be brought on by depression and mindset simply from overuse of is not a disease that is genetic, that you can catch, or can be considered as one )Many people think they have chronic anxiety and get hooked on the "pam" drugs , when in reality when they are tested and studied they really have issues such as depression, low self esteem, etc..again, brought on by mindset.
    There are people though who do suffer from severe anxiety , but they must be tested and proven that is the truth and it is caused by a series of traumatic events in a persons life or can be genetic.

    Trust in your doctor , if you are disabled or have a disease, they will give you proper medication, just do not expect a strong narcotic for a reason that does not warrant one when they have many new drugs for minor issues and injuries that are not severe enough to meet protocol to prescribe and keep prescribing a narcotic.

    I am sorry if I sound rude, I am just explaining how it works, you really must meet the protocol in these days, you cant ask and get what you want. All doctors must follow a set of rules and use the proper drugs listed in the federal protocols for use for each complaint. Trust me, I will not go into my health issues, but I had to be proven that I needed certain medications before they were prescribed to me and I do not mind that I have to follow the rules and be monitored by a doctor, ONE doctor only every month, I also do not mind having to sign a paper , which is required by federal law to receive pain medications and medication for my severe post traumatic stress disorder because I need them to live a normal , or as close to normal as I can get life.

  3. profile image0
    B.C. BOUTIQUEposted 9 years ago

    Thank You Mike, you versed it very well  smile

  4. 1974 profile image68
    1974posted 9 years ago

    Hop on a jet to Florida.  The so called "pain specialists" are going out of control here since we are one of the only states that don't have some kind of prescription database in place to prevent what they call "doctor shopping".  It is absolutely ridiculous.  Cash for an MRI, cash for the Dr visit, and cash for your pills.  This is all fueled by greedy pharma companies.  There was a show on tv I watched where they said 48 out of the 50 top oxy subscribing docs were from Florida.

    Not saying all of them here are crooked, just a huge portion of them.

    1. figment profile image80
      figmentposted 9 years agoin reply to this

      I was taking lyrica for 2 years before the doctors realized it may have been the cause of an early onset dementia  problem. My back doctor wanted me to take 12 Ibprophen a day instead of prescribing me something I only had to take once or twice s day.   When I had a lump in my breast and was losing weight, could not sleep, among other physical symptoms of stress and anxiety, and my doctor told me I did not need to use my "condition" to ask for anxiety medication, although it was temporarily needed, in my opinion.  I may not have been stereotyped, but I was not given proper medical treatment do to other people who have come before me and abused certain medications that I needed at the time .  I suffer from degenerative disc disease, herniated discs, and arthritis of the neck and spine, and I am only 32.  I have now found a doctor that does treat me properly and is not trying to get me addicted.

  5. profile image0
    B.C. BOUTIQUEposted 9 years ago

    I am permanently disabled.I am just tired of people taking advantage and doctor shopping, going to different doctors untill they find one that will give them what makes them happy...
    This is why I , and many others in my situation have a darn hard time getting proper care.

    There I just shortened my thought and got to the point.Finding a doctor that gives you what you think you need is doctor shopping, if the first few did not feel it was necessary, there are procedures to fix problems, and people feel they deserve a narcotic, cause more harm to the terminally ill and those who have no chance at ever being a normally functioning person again.

    Im just tired of having to deal with red tape because someone wants something I depend on to be able to get out of bed, walk, be in public, etc.

    too bad my helper dog can not type, she would tell you the crap I have sen people pull and how angry I get when I am told about doctor shoppers!

    1. figment profile image80
      figmentposted 9 years agoin reply to this

      I'm permanently disabled also, and I never said I was on a narcotic.  I just found a doctor who listened.  It's hard to find one of those


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