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    fishskinfreak2008posted 8 years ago

    Web-site/URL: http://blogs.abcnews.com/politicalpunch … -up-o.html

    Obama: No “Straight Answer” from Health Insurance CEOs, Warns of MORE PREMIUM HIKES to Come Without Up or Down Vote". INSURANCE COMPANIES AREN'T WAITING

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      i read the article, sorry that ABC news didn't report all the facts

      The president said referring to the Health Reform Insurance bill
      ''we need to get more people paying so that insurance cost can go down ''.

      So why doesn't Congress and the President recognize that the 14.9% of unemployed ( and not paying insurance premiums ) is partially the blame in rising cost of health insurance?
      Remember what the president said,  the more paying will cause the cost to go down.

      Wake up to the smoke and mirrors that Barak Obama is feeding the public .The problems with rising cost of health insurance has a government  BLAMING the insurance companies .

      The US Government is the largest health insurance provider in the world.
      The #1 denier of service is the US,denying some 8.5% of claims.
      Those claims include some existing conditions requiring healthcare services. Medicare cuts doctors services 20%, guess who than has to make up the difference ,right the insurance companies and the insurance members. up goes the premiums again.

      Tthe insurance companies profits are between 2% and 4% ,not out of line with other healthcare providers. Now deduct the federal taxes that they pay
      surely they should not be chastised by president Barack Obama.
      America ,wake up to the half truths that we are getting from our elected officials in Washington.

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        9.7% OF UNEMPLOYED