Mileage Mandates

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    MikeNVposted 8 years ago

    The only way to make automobiles more fuel efficient is to reduce the mass that has to be moved. It's simple physics.  A gallon of gasoline can only produce so much energy.  How you tap into that energy results in how much mass you can move per mile.

    In its original proposal, issued in August, the Obama administration's own National Highway Transportation Safety Administration estimated that the standards could cause 493 additional traffic fatalities annually. … E_PRIA.pdf

    What's 493 lives worth?

    Who cares as long as some arbitrary standard is met right?  As long as it's not you or anyone you know it's just fine.

    And Hybrids are NOT the solution.  Why?  Because there are not enough rare earth metals to make all the engines and batteries.  So Hybrids really do nothing for the environment... they just shift from oil to strip mining.

    Where is the quality, safe, clean mass transit in the United States?  Cities are laid out and designed for automobiles.

    Every "alternative" has it's downside... those materials have to be produced somehow.