The Pickpocket & The Conman

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    PETA & HSUS: The Pickpocket & The Conman

    How much does this tick you off?  All those ads that break your heart and inspire you to donate monies that never make it to help an animal in distress.  Give to your local shelters only, would seem to be what one should take away from this article.

    "It's all about tactics, he explained, giving the example of a pickpocket and conman. The pickpocket will bump into you and rob you. The conman will befriend you, gain your trust and rob you. The strategy is the same, tactics are different, but it has the same end result.

    Martosko made famous the recent news that according to HSUS 2008 tax returns (which are posted on the Humane Watch website), less than one-half of 1% of the HSUS budget goes to pet shelters. They have about a $100 million budget, $24 million goes into fundraising, $37 million goes to salaries, with more than 30 lawyers on staff. Its pension plan gets five times more money than do the pet shelters. They are in it for the long haul. They plan to be in this business long enough to retire with benefits. They call us factory farms, but they are factory fundraisers.

    Martosko brought this to the attention not only of the animal agriculture issue, but to consumers in urban areas through billboards and full-page ads in newspapers such as USA Today. There is no public-opinion tooth fairy, he said.  doesn't happen by itself. We need to tell truth about HSUS loudly, relentlessly and often enough that the man on the street will know that they are not affiliated with local animal shelters.""