Contest...which State can fix their economy

  1. Jane Stevens profile image55
    Jane Stevensposted 7 years ago

    Consider this a call to each State to fix its economy, and submit the results to the Federal government. The goal... fix it within one year, people back on the payrolls, with less 'retired' people in the workforce (out of needs), fewer working young mothers who just want a new car, and locals hired first which already have vestments in the community (rather than refugee's etc).
    State and Local people have this responsibility.

    1. Lisa HW profile image73
      Lisa HWposted 7 years agoin reply to this

      I think it's a rare working mother who "only wants a new car", but I don't want the state or anyone else judging which mothers are working for "the wrong reasons".   I don't really believe that people ought to get jobs based on the fact they live in an area.  Some areas are full of people who aren't qualified for a lot of the available jobs.  One of the biggest problems in my local area and state is that people vote in "locals" who don't have the vision to see the larger picture or else who aren't as qualified as a lot of people from "outside".  So, we have bumpkins and "Fred's brother-in-law" running things and making policy.

      As I said in another, post I gave up looking for full-time employment long ago.  I realized that if I want to work I have to be self-employed.  If someone offered me a full-time tomorrow I'd probably take it, though.  Even with that, and even if that happened, though; I don't want to be the one to presume who ought to have jobs and who ought not.  One reason some people get jobs and some don't is that the government and companies already presume to have the right to decide who is most deserving of a job and who isn't, so presuming who ought to have a job over someone else isn't the way to have the most skilled, capable, workforce.

      Besides, your argument (respectfully) has holes in it.  If it's refugees and transients who are getting all the jobs, where do those young mothers "who only want a new car" fit into that picture?  Why are they able to get jobs?  Also, assuming the retirees you mean are actually people who need to work (rather than people who choose not to "just go away and let someone else have their chance" once they're a certain age, how will a fixed economy help retirees who want to live on their measly Social Security income?

      It would be nice if everyone had a job if they wanted one, but anyone else who has a job when I might prefer one is of no consequence to me (because if they got hired for reasons other than qualifications, I don't want to work where they work anyway).