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If the economy is a business, it would be in foreclosure.

  1. ilmdamaily profile image65
    ilmdamailyposted 7 years ago

    Amount invested by the US gov't since 2007 to fight the recession?

    $1.7 trilion dollars.

    Amount the economy has *actually* grown in that time?

    $476 billion dollars.

    That equates to a net return of -72%


    Let me say that again: Wow.

    For every dollar thrown at the US economy, 72 cents of it just disappears.

    Any company that conducted itself in such a way would be bankrupt in very short order, and be held to account by its shareholders.

    Irrespective of what you think about the government stimulus plans, how long can a country continue to make financial decisions with this kind of an appalling return?

    Not for much longer.

  2. MikeNV profile image80
    MikeNVposted 7 years ago

    Goes right into the pocket of the Elite Bankers.

    When the collapse comes they will have Title to all the Assets.

    The same way that they profited off of Great Depression #1.  They had all the money and all the assets and what they didn't have they bought for pennies on the dollar.'

    The system collapses. They own everything. They abolish the current money supply.  They create a new one.  A whole new world of Debt Slaves is reset.

    That's "Change"?

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      china manposted 7 years agoin reply to this

      People talk about this recession as if it is a new thing, it has been staggering along for 30 years now with a few ups bu always one more and deeper down.

      In the 1970's The Conservative Prime Minister Maggie Thatcher started the profit taking on the back of it by raising interest rates to a very high level - the result was that people had to 'give their houses' to the banks, many many small and medium sized business went broke and lost their assets also.  Business in anything except the basic necessities plunged - just long enough that with all the small business out of the way the corporations could step in and take all those little roles and the cheap assets.   The result is all those previously cheap things that small business did among intense competition, are now grossly expensive an there is no competition.

      The boom and bust cycles are welcomed by the smart consumer with any money because he can buy his house cheap at the price bottom, and sell it when the price doubles and again and again (I did this twice) but every time the price collapses the banking system is doing this to the whole country, again and again on a vast scale - this is the mechanism in which the pension funds just 'dissapeared' because the stocks and shares on which they rely were bought at the peak and sold in the trough until the financial system had absorbed it all. This money gets its value through something that is not so easily counted - but us dumbass now poor people can't see the inner workings of the markets and financial systems, those that can are reaping vast profits so they aint gonna tell you are they, even if they fully understand how it is done.

      If it makes you feel any better about fighting to save your house by working harder and longer, you are making them happier and happier while they scream about liberals, cons and neo-cons, war, religion, terrorism, - this is to distract you from the wholesale shifting of the nations assets into their pocket to give them more control over you.

      Some posters in these forums gibber back the confused and pointless rhetoric of their masters that they have learned from the money making churches, chat shows and Fix News among many other sources of information owned by the same people who are ripping you off. We have been enslaved by debt and controlled by the media - its about time we got off our ass and used the democratic controls we already have to protect ourselves and put the government, the financial systems, and the media back under control. It has got to the point where a n other party is needed that actually represents the people not those with all the money. And I am not advocating any communist or socialist or any other ist,  it is time someone came up with a new idea to be called some other ism or ist - but one that actually represents teh people not the money.

  3. ilmdamaily profile image65
    ilmdamailyposted 7 years ago

    Spot on Mike.

    We need to change the system at a macro level.

    This is a paperwork nightmare, and it can all be fixed by burning the paperwork.

    We should all have a little faith in each other and ourselves, and work for a better future, instead of trying to save the present from it's obviously decaying orbit around collapse.

    1. Cagsil profile image60
      Cagsilposted 7 years agoin reply to this

      Of course the paperwork is a nightmare, because it's global economics.

      As for a need to change the system on a macro level? I'm not positive that needs to be done. That does not mean that something does not need to change, because it's obvious that something does indeed need to change.

      I see as a problem, on an individual basis more than a global problem. If you are trying to re-write all economies then good luck with that adventure. If you are trying to re-write just the banking rules and that system? You will be facing a lot of opposition, and you better come loaded for bear. Just a thought.