John Kerry the Hypocrite

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    MikeNVposted 7 years ago

    Many of you may have missed this: … cation=rss

    Seems like John Kerry Mr. Democrat Hero decided to purchase a Yacht.  He chose an foreign manufacturer... Americans don't make anything. Then decided the best place for him to keep his new toy would be in New Hampsire.  Why?  So he could avoid the sales tax.

    You don't get to be as rich as Kerry by paying taxes... you do it by Marrying Money then paying attorneys to help you avoid paying taxes.

    So while Obama keeps harping on the "Rich" with his BS Propoganda about how they don't pay their fairshare we see an example of his own people doing exactly the same thing every wealthy person does... avoid the tax man.

    It doesn't matter if Kerry were Democrat or Republican they all do it.

    What this does prove is that as you become extremely wealthy you can buy your way out of taxes by paying off Politicians to construct laws that benefit you.

    The ONLY way to ever get the "Rich" to pay more tax is to ABOLISH income taxes and create a consumption tax.  You pay tax when you spend your money.  This eliminates the IRS, eliminates all the paperwork and all the loopholes.  Of course this wouldn't sit well with the super wealthy elite so they would just create their own consumption tax loopholes.

    So we are left with one alternative.  Demand that Politicians quit all the spending, quit funding the world with our money, and start taking care of Americans.

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      MIMOMAposted 7 years agoin reply to this

      AMEN!! I am 100% for abolishing INCOME TAXES! A fair tax is the only FAIR way to pay taxes. I think every American should pay their fair share of taxes; However, this is not happening in the USA presently.
      OH, don't get me started, non citizens receiving Gov checks, Gov health care, citizens doing the same, when they could be working/earning...Payment to NOT PREFORM, what ever it is that you were once doing... Let's reward the producers/workers and ENCOURAGE the others to get to work..even if it is a job BELOW their eligibility/skills/education...DUH.. do what so ever your hands find to a good job and you will given more/better things to do=PROSPERITY for you and others.