How Road Rage Died a Speeding Death!

  1. IdiditAlready profile image58
    IdiditAlreadyposted 7 years ago

    “GOT Dammit, did you see that car just cut me off?!!”, yelled the angry road raged driver as she sped up and gave the 90 year old lady the finger.

    “Road rage” has led to some serious anger in our society.  Even murder unfortunately!  I wonder when it all started.

    Did it start 20, 10, 5 years ago?  Who knows really? I do know people were cutting people off 30 years ago and people did not get so angry.  “Road rage” was added to our society in the form of an agreement with society that said it’s ok to exhibit childlike behavior when in a motor vehicle.  Silly huh?

    The reality for some people fortunately is dictated by what other people are doing.

    Imagine that all the other people in the world who are cut off by people who were in a slight trance and did not notice they were cutting someone off, can empathize that ALL people make mistakes.  That they forgive these people, forget what happened and MOVE on, at the speed of light with their day never to tell the story of how someone cut them off.  Because really, they know it's REALLY a silly use of time!

    Next time you see a “road raged” person, you can say in that sweet voice you use when a child does something funny, “she gets so angry over silly stuff.  She’s in her own little world... (chuckle… snicker)”

    What do you think?

    1. Diane Inside profile image80
      Diane Insideposted 7 years agoin reply to this

      Road rage is very real and quite dangerous.  My sister was merging onto an interstate highway, there was alot of traffic at that time she had to take the opportunity to get in when she could.

      She had both of her children in the backseat.

      When she merged into the first lane, a lane meant for merging into traffic, the woman behind, had a meltdown.

      The woman behind started waving her arms wildly screaming at my sister, My sister could see she was upset, but could do nothing about it.

      Then when the woman got the chance the got in the left lane of traffic to try to get up next to my sisters car, and when she did she had a gun pointed at my sister. All this while driving down the road.

      My sister sped up to try to get away from her, because all she thought of was protecting her children.  The woman kept following her, so my sister decided instead of driving home, she would drive straight down to the police station.

      When she pulled into the station the woman kept driving and drove right past.

      My sister did go in to the station, with both the children, and reported what this woman had done. The police did take a description of the woman and the car but with no liscense plate they couldn't do much.

      Road rage is out of control, and people should be held accountable, when others witness it.