Ellsberg, Wikileaks, Obama, oh my!

  1. Evan G Rogers profile image77
    Evan G Rogersposted 7 years ago

    Daniel Ellsberg (the man who released the original Pentagon Papers -- 7,000 papers that were all photo copied!!) calls it like it is:


    He discusses how Barack Obama has carried out MORE prosecutions for leaks than any other president *put together*, despite his campaign promise of increasing transparency of government.

    In fact, apparently through Legislation, WE can be held accountable for having read this information! We have to "return the information" back to the government if we encounter it!! Or else we're federal criminals!!

    And, in this aspect, he's been worse than W!! I didn't think it'd be possible for anyone to be worse than W... but... He's prosecuting more leaks and holding more people accountable for freely expressing information!

    Obama's other promises, like closing guantanamo bay, are also proving to be lies. The only promises he's kept are those that increase government power.

    Ellsberg even goes on to highlight the other, less obvious, lie we've been spoon fed by our complacent media (at the behest of Obama): that we'll have all troops out of Iraq by 2012. Ellsberg admits he hasn't been able to read all the papers, but he is sure that there are no mention at all of any sort of REAL plan to hand over ALL US military bases to iraqis, and that, just like Japan, Korea and over 150 other countries today, we'll have military bases, staffed by Americans, until the US go bankrupt.

    These Wikileaks show us all the absolute lies that we've been spoon fed by big-brother.

    Obama. W. Tyrants.