South Africa DOOMEd!!

  1. twingwiri profile image50
    twingwiriposted 9 years ago

    I am a young Zimbabwean who has been recently observing the situation in SouthAfrica. I believe South Africa is a country on the very wrong path. South Africans are not responsible and are putting power into the wrong hands. Jacob Zuma is not what an aspiring country like South Africa needs. Besides his ignorance of very relevent topics, he is also a 'Mugabe' in the making. he is forever refering to the armed struggle and always refers to the past to seem relevent. I think the stance taken bythe A.N.C. in the years of aparthied is now coming back to haunt SouthAfrica.They embarked in a boycott of schools and this produced a generation of illiterate and uneducated leaders,like J.Zuma.These are people who believe that simply because they were in jail and beaten, they have the right to hold a nation ransom. If we look at the people who voted for the now A.N.C President.He had full support of COSATU, and these are workers,the moment Zuma is president they will have him in their grip. He will resort to popularist policies,like Mugabe, which will only destroy SA. so i urge my fellow Africans to think wisely before letting history repeat itself.DONT VOTE ZUMA!!!!!

  2. wudie profile image52
    wudieposted 9 years ago

    twingwiri you are just full of rubbish, nobody will ever be as bad as MUGABE, not even Hitler thats what you and a hell lot of americans need to understand. Mugabe is beyond normal evil so dont have a go at zuma. but i will always support mugabe