New DG of Bihar Police

  1. profile image47
    Hardhitposted 10 years ago

    So D.N.Gautam becomes the DG of Bihar. Good news for Biharis. I seem to agree with the general perception that he is an honest man. But beyond that my agreement breaks down.

    Firstly every police officer who joins as an IPS entrant ends-up as a DG. This happens not because of individual’s merit but because of system’s default. But that very system will not allow any change in the pattern of policing.  The criminal-politician-police nexus runs the default machine. D.N.Gautam is just an individual who is not even known to be articulate to be able to carry out the much discussed reforms in the police. By his honesty he can earn a space for himself, that’s all, like Joginger Singh of CBI.

    I do believe that Shri D.N.Gautam will try to fight out the rot but it will be limited to taking some action against some bad-head darogas who are not strongly protected by one politician or the other. This will be his target group and to that extent he may succeed. The media will rejoice by doing a tail-dance on the euphoria of success.

    But if he wants to bring major changes in the police-crime scenario then I give him an advice according to the law of the land. A police officer is duty bound to prevent the commission of crimes (S.149 and S.150 of Cr.P.C). Let him open a yahooblogspot of Bihar police where people can file information (Don’t mix it with FIR to confuse the issue) giving full details of the criminal offence, and let the SPs of the District take cognizance of the information U/S 154(3) of Cr.P.C and pass on to a police officer for setting in motion a criminal investigation. It will not cost him anything and he will not have to depend on sarkari network which very often does not work.  If he agrees, some of us from this forum can do the spadework for him as representatives of the complainants with regard to obtaining all the necessary missing details of the complaint, so that official time is not wasted. Can he take up this challenge to justify the trust reposed in him?

    The other area in which Shri Gautam is likely to be stymied with an impossible situation is the recruitment of constables of whom there must be large scale vacancies. He should speak to his counterpart in Kerala or Karnataka and get a team of officers, typists, computer operators, physical instructors (having no link with Bihar) on temporary duty detailed for this job of carrying out the recruitment in Bihar. Needless to say, that it is all the Bihari boys who will get selected, but they will work with honesty, because for a change they would have joined the police force without paying bribe.

  2. weblog profile image56
    weblogposted 10 years ago

    Welcome Indian smile I feel this is better content for a hub than here!


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