Requesting Legal American Workers

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    katiem2posted 6 years ago

    Requesting Legal American Workers

    This is a bit long, but to personal for a hub and you will want to read this if your interested in keeping the legal tax paying Americans working.

    I just bought new carpet, had it installed yesterday, love it, looks and feels great!

    While I was shopping for new carpet I asked around for advice on the best places and prices to get amazing carpet and installation, as I knew the installation of carpet is as important as the quality of the carpet.

    While doing this loose research I ran across an old friend.  Her brother had lost his job and found a job as a carpet installer, something he did early in his life.

    After talking with her I decided to go to the store where he worked and check out a sale they were having.  I ended up buying my carpet from them and set a date for installation.

    I called my friend to let her know, she asked me to call the sales lady back and request I have American workers ONLY come to install my carpet. 

    WHY I asked, I'm not a prejudice person?  She went on to tell me that her brother and the other legal Americans working hourly there found it hard to get a full 40 hours in, which they needed desperately to survive.  This was going on because a contractor came into the carpet store and bid on the installation work.  He bid lower than what the store pays the hourly workers, which is not much.  So now the store gives the installs to this man first, who in turn has illegal workers install the carpet.

    They began telling as many people as possible so they can in turn request Legal American workers only.

    Okay I say, I called the sales lady back and told her I want to request only American Workers.  She said okay, we'll make sure you request is delivered.

    Yesterday two American workers showed up at my door to install my new carpet.  I couldn't help but ask, did you hear I requested American workers only, they said, yes and thanked me very much.

    I asked them to tell me what was going on, they went on to tell me a similar story as the old friend.  They said the only way they can keep their jobs is to have people request American workers that are legally working, not sub contracted, but hourly employees of the store...

    The sub contractor is paid the contracted amount and it is then up to him to pay taxes on it himself, he is legal but the people that works for him are not, what he pays them, under the table more than covers his tax losses from his own pocket as he takes in a greater profit, claiming spot labor and or other loop holes to get away with it.

    Thanks for bearing with me.  So the next time you have carpet installed, furniture delivered, a roof, siding or other services performed you can request the workers who come to your property be legal American Citizens who pay taxes. 

    Soon companies will stop with underhanded practices robbing this country of tax dollars and a decent weeks work for the hard working Americans who pay their taxes.

    Whew that being said, thanks for your time and consideration.