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What would you do as policy in Pakistan if you were American President

  1. safiq ali patel profile image71
    safiq ali patelposted 6 years ago

    Pakistan is falling into war. It has become a bedrock for the taliban. It is also faced with fragmentation, civil war, unrest, famine, disease and many other problems. If you were president of the USA what would you do in Pakistan. Who would your most sought allies be? What problems would your action plan try to remedy. What sort of country would you assist the creation of in Pakistan. An Islamic Republic.? A democracy? A Military nation?

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      Texasbetaposted 6 years agoin reply to this

      It sucks, but we need to bail entirely on Pakistan. They are taking our money, using them to create more nukes to aim at India, while the Taliban inch closer and closer to taking control of said nukes. They don't want us there; they aren't on our team in any way...get out entirely. If they engage a nuke, make it a parking lot. Yes, this is actually from a liberal.

      1. profile image61
        C.J. Wrightposted 6 years agoin reply to this

        I totally agree.

      2. Evan G Rogers profile image76
        Evan G Rogersposted 6 years agoin reply to this

        Holy god. I agree with you.

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          Texasbetaposted 6 years agoin reply to this

          It had to happen eventually. I am on your team with the Fed now too.

          1. Evan G Rogers profile image76
            Evan G Rogersposted 6 years agoin reply to this

            ?! I'm not a crazy wing-nut conspiracy theorist for thinking that "being able to print trillions of dollars out of thin air and then give them to whoever [they] want" is ludicrous?!

            The times, they are a-changing!

            Welcome aboard!

  2. Rochelle Frank profile image95
    Rochelle Frankposted 6 years ago

    I am pathetically ignorant on most political matters, but Pakistan is in a very tough position both politically and geographically.
    I have no idea what the political solution should be, but Pakistan must decide if it is for or against the Taliban.

    Maybe their indecision has made them a temporary 'buffer', but the people, who already are in a terrible position, will probably suffer more either way.
    Indecision will prolong the suffering.
    May God have mercy on all. I don't think the US president has much influence in the situation.

  3. VENUGOPAL SIVAGNA profile image57
    VENUGOPAL SIVAGNAposted 6 years ago

    For any American President, it is graceful to cut off military and financial aid, which goes to terrorists, who are against America itself. Continuance of aid to the most suspicious country is very much foolish. Immediately on hearing that the tower-blasters entered Pakistan, in 2001, America should have conducted drone attacks and the cultprits would have easily been caught. Instead America aided Pak. in the name of fighting terrorists.

    For more than 5 to 6 centuries, India is tasting that terrorism from across the western borders... and we have withstood every attempt to destroy the country. Now, India is more capable of taking on any terrorist groups which use to terrorise others with deadly weapons. But all the countries who are threatened, are thousand times powerful than all the terrorist combined. Why should we be afraid of them? Leave them to India and they will be wiped out in the next war with Pakistan.

    In 1971, Pakistan tasted a crushing defeat by India and it took more than 30 years to restore the country to its status. Now, aided by America, it has again trained terrorists against India.

  4. dutchman1951 profile image60
    dutchman1951posted 6 years ago

    If I was privilaged to see the Information Obama see's then I could make a decision, from an informed position, but as that will never be. I would use the Old saying.

    Keep your Friends close-  and your enimies closer!
    you just never know.

    1. VENUGOPAL SIVAGNA profile image57
      VENUGOPAL SIVAGNAposted 6 years agoin reply to this

      Yes, we Indians are close to our friends, and closer to our enemies.  You dont know.   

      And no one has the liberty to say others dont know something... you should try to know more.

      Your President can see some classified information about something. But they are not necessary for us.  We should know what happened, without going into classified information, which are required only for policy-makers. Before making decisions, the ground situation has to be counted.   Relying only on "classified information" and someone's advice and without assessing pros and cons, policy should not be decided by anyone....  America is doing this for a long time.

      1. dutchman1951 profile image60
        dutchman1951posted 6 years agoin reply to this